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Belvoir Winery Fountain

Belvoir 006

Location:  Belvoir Winery, 1325 Odd Fellows Road, Liberty, MO

Found:  September 3, 2016

The Belvoir Winery is located on the site of the Odd Fellows Home outside of Liberty.  The history of the International Order of Odd Fellows and the site is long and extensive and I cannot do it justice.  However, the Belvoir Winery website has a section about it that is much more detailed and interesting that I could ever make it.

The Belvoir Winery operates as a winery, obviously, and as an historic event venue.  It is a popular spot for weddings as well as other family and corporate events.  It also hosts regular paranormal investigations open to the public.

The fountain is located at the west end of the grounds down by where the driveway splits.  Water comes out the top and descends down five saucers, each one larger than the one above it.  After the fifth saucer, it falls down past the stem of the fountain, which looks to have swans around it, into yet another saucer before cascading down into the basin below.

In regards to the fountain, weddings are very important in that the only days the fountain runs are wedding days.  Check the website calendar to see when weddings are occurring before travelling out there to photograph the fountain.  Also, be aware and respectful of the wedding setup should it be near the fountain.  On this day, the wedding setup was around the gazebo off to the side of the fountain so I wasn’t able to get pictures of the fountain from and through the gazebo.  Also, get out there no later than early afternoon, so you don’t interfere with wedding photos.

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Longview Mansion Fountain

Longview 001

Location:  Longview Mansion, 1200 SW Longview Park Drive, Lee’s Summit, MO

Found:  May 22, 2016

The Historic Longview Mansion sits on what was once the Longview Farm, which was the country estate of famous Kansas Citian R.A. Long.  The mansion is now used as an event facility and is home to weddings and corporate events, among other things.  To find out more about the history of the Longview Mansion and Farm, please visit the official website here.

The fountain sits out front of the mansion in the middle of a natural amphitheatre-type area.  There is a column in the middle of a round basin and each face of the column has a very ornate decoration with a waterspout.  A jet of water comes out of each face of the column, providing the fountain effect.  The landscaping is very well kept and meticulously shaped.  Wedding ceremonies are held in the fountain area.

If you want to photograph the Longview Mansion fountain or grounds, you need to obtain permission.  This is private property so they do not appreciate people roaming around the grounds without their knowledge, especially when they have an event they are setting up for or in progress.  Also, the fountain does not operate continuously, they only have it running for events.  They have signs at the front gate, which you can find pictures of below, warning you of these facts.  If you are interested in trying to arrange a time to take photographs, use the Longview Mansion website or the phone number listed on the sign at the front gate for contact.

My thanks to Jenny Gale, General Manager and Events Coordinator, for allowing me to visit and take photos.

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