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2016 Fountain Day Ceremony

Fountain Day 001

Location:  Theis Park, Volker Boulevard and Oak Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  April 12, 2016

April 12 was Fountain Day for Kansas City and all the city-maintained fountains were turned on today.  A ceremony to celebrate Fountain Day as well as to dedicate the repaired and renovated William Volker Memorial Fountain, with now-operating waterfall, was held in Theis Park across Brush Creek from the fountain and waterfall in the amphitheatre.

There was a pretty good turnout on a beautiful spring day that included local media, artists and Miss City of Fountains 2016 (I was not able to get a good shot of her, but that’s her in one of the pictures below with the sash and tiara).  Many food trucks were set up in the park to kick off the Feast of Fountains promotion this year.  A choir from St. Peter’s School kicked things off with a couple of songs.  Many thanks and acknowledgements were handed out as well as a telling of the history of the Volker Fountain and the man for which it is named.  The crowning moment of the ceremony was when Carl J. DiCapo and Miss City of Fountains pushed the plunger (referred to as the detonator by the emcee) and the Volker Fountain sprang to life followed a few seconds later by the waterfall.

Video of the turning on of fountains will be posted ASAP.

The first four pictures below are scans of the program that was handed out at the ceremony in case you were not able to make it.  Information about Feast of Fountains can be found on Page 4.

FountainDayProgram01 FountainDayProgram02 FountainDayProgram03 FountainDayProgram04 Fountain Day 002 Fountain Day 003 Fountain Day 004 Fountain Day 005 Fountain Day 006 Fountain Day 007 Fountain Day 008 Fountain Day 009 Fountain Day 010 Fountain Day 011 Fountain Day 012 Fountain Day 013 Fountain Day 014 Fountain Day 015 Fountain Day 016 Fountain Day 017 Fountain Day 018 Fountain Day 019 Fountain Day 020 Fountain Day 021 Fountain Day 022 Fountain Day 023 Fountain Day 024 Fountain Day 025