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Corinth Square Fountain

Corinth Square 006

Location:  Corinth Square, W 83rd Street and Mission Road, Prairie Village, KS

Found:  July 17, 2016

In the Corinth Square shopping area in Prairie Village sits this fountain.  It is outside of SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza at the northeast corner of the main central building.  It is a two-tiered fountain with a bubbler in each tier.  There is a curved pergola standing over the path around the east and north sides of the fountain.

Corinth Square 001 Corinth Square 002 Corinth Square 003 Corinth Square 004 Corinth Square 005


Ridgeview Falls

Ridgeview Falls 005

Location:  W 119th Street and Ridgeview Road, Olathe, KS

Found:  June 12, 2016

The Ridgeview Falls addition is a collection of businesses and restaurants at the corner of 119th and Ridgeview.  This waterfall looms above what would be an otherwise boring drainage basin.  There is a large pergola-like structure next to the CoreFirst Bank at the top of the waterfall and just off the parking lot.

If you decide to visit, note that the drainage basin has a fence almost all the way around it to keep people from falling off the top of the retaining wall.  It is open at the intersection though.  Also, since it is a drainage basin, it could be wet and muddy.  So, watch your step if you go walking out into it.

Ridgeview Falls 009 Ridgeview Falls 001 Ridgeview Falls 002 Ridgeview Falls 003 Ridgeview Falls 004 Ridgeview Falls 006 Ridgeview Falls 007 Ridgeview Falls 008

Hilton Garden Inn Fountain

Hilton Garden Inn 001

Location:  Hilton Garden Inn, 19677 E Jackson Drive, Independence, MO

Found:  June 5, 2016

This neat fountain is in front of the Hilton Garden Inn on Jackson Drive in Independence.  It is east of the Independence Center mall and not far from I-70 sitting among restaurants, the Hereford House shares the same parking lot, and shops.

There is a big basin with flowers and plants in it.  The water flows out of the basin through five gaps and cascades into the irregularly shaped pool below.

Hilton Garden Inn 002 Hilton Garden Inn 003 Hilton Garden Inn 004 Hilton Garden Inn 005 Hilton Garden Inn 006 Hilton Garden Inn 007 Hilton Garden Inn 008 Hilton Garden Inn 009 Hilton Garden Inn 010

Power and Light District Fountain

PnL 001

Location:  Power and Light District, near W 14th Street and Main Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  May 30, 2016

AKA H & R Block Courtyard Fountain, AKA Elements Courtyard Fountain

This double fountain is located in the Elements Courtyard in the Power and Light District in downtown Kansas City.  It is also at the foot of the steps to the H & R Block building.  The Elements Courtyard is a seasonal patio bar next to the district clock tower.

The fountain is a double-sided fountain, each side is identical to the other.  Water flows out the top and cascades down into the pool.  On the ends, there is a stairstep-type structure whereas the middle is much steeper.  In the middle of each fountain is a bowl which looks like it can hold any number of things such as lights or any other type of decorations.

The fountain and the patio bar was recently renovated.  I went up there earlier this month to get pictures but they were roped off with a sign saying they were under renovation.  I took these pictures in the morning on Memorial Day, which accounts for the lack of activity.

It is very hard to get a picture of both fountains at the same time, unless you want to count reflections in the restaurant windows.  I climbed up the stairway under the clock tower to get the photos from above and from just the way the fountains are arranged it was still kind of tough to get both fountains in one photo.

PnL 002 PnL 003 PnL 004 PnL 005 PnL 006 PnL 007 PnL 008 PnL 009 PnL 010 PnL 011 PnL 012 PnL 013 PnL 014 PnL 015 PnL 016

T-Rex Cafe Waterfall

TRex 001

Location:  Legends Outlets, Village West Parkway, Kansas City, Kansas

Found:  May 12, 2016

The T-Rex Cafe is a dinosaur-theme restaurant and interactive experience located at Legends.  The exterior of the cafe is made up to look like a prehistoric landscape complete with waterfall and a pool.  Water starts up on the roof somewhere and makes it way down the rocks and stones down into the pool.  If it is a windy day, water will go everywhere and expect to get wet if you walk by.  The pool has four or five fountains in it and sits next to an outdoor seating area.  The small T-Rex skeleton greets everyone that walks by.

TRex 002 TRex 003 TRex 004 TRex 005 TRex 006 TRex 007 TRex 008 TRex 009 TRex 010 TRex 011

One Nineteen Fountains

119 012

Location:  One Nineteen Shopping Center, W 119th Street and Roe Avenue, Leawood, KS

Found:  April 22, 2016

The One Nineteen Shopping Center is catty-corner to the southeast from the Leawood Town Center Plaza.  There are actually three fountains here.  There is a horseshoe-shaped fountain towards the east end in front of the Drunken Fish restaurant then there are two fountains, identical but mirror images of each other, located more in the middle of the shopping center near the Apple Store.

The horseshoe-shaped fountain has nine jets in it and they look like they are meant to all shoot water up to the same height, although one or two were clearly not getting the full height.  The Drunken Fish has outdoor seating in front of the restaurant near this fountain and I was not able to get a straight-on shot from “inside” the horseshoe.

The double fountain has three jets in each pool.

119 006 119 007 119 008 119 009 119 010 119 011 119 001 119 002 119 003 119 004 119 005 119 013

Briarcliff Village Fountain

Briarcliff Fountain 002
Location:  Briarcliff Village, 4151 N Mulberry Drive, Kansas City, MO

Found:  September 27, 2014

In the Briarcliff Village shopping area outside of the Piropos restaurant.  You can see it when you enter the shopping area.  Made of white marble or faux marble.  Small in diameter but fairly tall, maybe 10 feet.  I had actually visited this fountain twice before but this was first time I found it running.

Briarcliff Fountain 001 Briarcliff Fountain 003 Briarcliff Fountain 004 Briarcliff Fountain 005

Fountain Basin

Fountain Basin 003

Location:  Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, MO

Found:  August 24, 2013

AKA A Soothed Mind, AKA Roselle Court Fountain

Located in the middle of Roselle Court in the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.  This is the “restaurant” area of the museum, although they do display art on the balcony area on the second floor, which is where I took the above picture from.  On my first visit to the museum, I just thought it was just a food court and did not realize there was anything of significance, art or fountain, in there and barely poked my head through the doorway.  After getting involved with the fountains, I discovered that there was indeed a fountain in here and made my first foray into this area of the museum on a return trip.

 The large bowl was carved from a single piece of marble and weighs about 4 tons.  It also dates back to around 200 AD.  The lion paws base was designed by the designers of the museum.  The 12 signs of the zodiac are arranged on the floor around the fountain.

Fountain Basin 001 Fountain Basin 002

Pomona Fountain

Pomona 001

Location:  340 Ward Parkway, Country Club Plaza, Kansas City, MO

Found:  July 20, 2013

The Pomona Fountain at the corner of Ward Parkway and Broadway in Country Club Plaza in front of the Seasons 52 restaurant.  It sits in one of the five courtyards on the Plaza.

Pomona 000 Pomona 003 Pomona 002

September 2, 2013 – Removed old pictures.  Added new pictures.

Aleman Court Fountain

Aleman Court 001

Location:  310 West 47th, Country Club Plaza, Kansas City, MO

Found:  July 20, 2013

Behind the Neptune Fountain and the Bronze Boar in the recessed courtyard below street level outside of a restaurant (Buco di Beppo).  AKA The Fish Fountain.

Aleman Court 002

September 2, 2013 – Removed old picture, added new pictures.