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Sunset Building Fountain

Sunset 001

Location:  Johnson County Sunset Drive Office Building, 11811 South Sunset Drive, Olathe, KS

Found:  August 31, 2014

This fountain and reflecting pool is located at Johnson County’s Sunset Drive Office Building north of Olathe.  It is at the main entrance of the building and can cross a bridge over the pool from the parking lot to the entrance if they so choose.  There is a small bubbling fountain near the windows next to the entrance.  Water flows down over a small fall and then turns 90 degrees and goes to the end of the pool.

Sunset 002 Sunset 003 Sunset 004 Sunset 005

Civic Center Park Reflecting Pool

Santa Fe Pool 001

Location:  East Santa Fe Street and Chestnut Street, Olathe, KS

Found:  May 3, 2014

In 2013, the city of Olathe began construction to turn downtown properties into park space.  This lot is across the street to the east of Olathe City Hall and R.R. Osborne Plaza.  There is a small fountain set in amongst limestone blocks and water gently flows from the top pool down to the lower pool.  Along the sidewalks on the north side of the pool are plaques commemorating each of the six Olathe residents who went on to become the Governor of Kansas.  This park was formally opened and dedicated on April 25, 2014.  It is across the street from the Civic Center Park Fountain.

At this time, I do not know if the fountain has a specific name.  After some research, this park and the one across the street are apparently referred to as Civic Center Park with perhaps directional modifers, North and South on them (this one would be the north park if that is so).

Santa Fe Pool 002 Santa Fe Pool 003 Santa Fe Pool 004 Santa Fe Pool 005 Santa Fe Pool 006 Santa Fe Pool 007 Santa Fe Pool 008 Santa Fe Pool 009 Santa Fe Pool 010 Santa Fe Pool 011 Santa Fe Pool 000


Ilus W. Davis Civic Mall Fountain

Ilus Davis 002

Location:  Ilus W. Davis Park, East 11th Street and Oak Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  April 26, 2014

Ilus W. Davis Park, named after a former mayor of Kansas City, is located in downtown Kansas City and is bordered by East 9th and 11th Streets on the north and south, Oak and Locust Streets on the west and east and East 10th Street bisects the park.  The Civic Mall Fountain and Reflecting Pool are located in the south half of the park.  The fountains are small so that the wind doesn’t affect them too much.  Water runs down the waterfall from the fountains to the sunken reflecting pool.  In one of the pictures, you can see a bird taking advantage of the pool.  At the southwest corner of the park is a statue of Ilus W. Davis.

Kansas City City Hall is across the street to the south.  The Charles Evans Whittaker United States Courthouse is the cresecent-shaped building across the street to the north.

Ilus Davis 000 Ilus Davis 001 Ilus Davis 003 Ilus Davis 004 Ilus Davis 005 Ilus Davis 006 Ilus Davis 007 Ilus Davis 009 Ilus Davis 009 Ilus Davis 010

Delbert J. Haff Circle Fountain

Delbert J Haff 003

Location:  East Meyer Boulevard, Askew Avenue and Swope Parkway, Kansas City

Found:  September 14, 2013

In front of the Meyer Boulevard entrance to Swope Park is this large traffic island (it is 600 feet long) containing these fountains and the large reflecting pool in which they reside.  This is one of Kansas City’s larger water features as the pool measures 160 feet long by 60 feet wide.  It is surround by a low stone wall.

At the west end of the pool is a sculpture memorial for Delbert J. Haff, who was a Parks Commissioner in the early 20th century.  It is a bust set on a high stone platform and is covered.  The bust is looking east toward Swope Park.  I tried to get an over-the-shoulder shot of the fountains, but I wasn’t quite tall enough.  I had to settle for a side-of-the-bust shot instead.

Delbert J Haff 000 Delbert J Haff 002 Delbert J Haff 002 Delbert J Haff 004 Delbert J Haff 005 Delbert J Haff 006 Delbert J Haff 007

Swan Fountain

Swan 001

Location:  Verona Columns Park, Ensley Lane and Overhill Road, Mission Hills

Found:  September 2, 2013

A small park with some big features.  The focal point at the back of the park is the Verona Columns, eight in total.  In front of the columns is the Swan Fountain and in front of that is a long reflecting pool with some water jets in it.  Mission Road also intersects here.

Swan 002 Swan 003 Swan 004 Swan 005 Swan 009 Swan 010 Swan 000 Swan 007 Swan 006 Swan 008

One Sun/34 Moons

One Sun 34 Moons 001

Location:  Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, MO

Found:  June 23, 2013

Not really a fountain, but it is listed with the City of Fountains Foundation, so here it is.  This is a large reflecting pool on the North side of the Nelson-Atkins museum.  The large yellow object is the sun.  Arranged around it are 34 “moons.”  Each moon is actually a skylight down into the parking garage below.  At night, the lights in the parking garage make the moons glow.  The picture above was taken from the steps of the museum to the south.  One of the shots below includes one of the museum’s iconic shuttlecocks in the background.  The last two shots are of the skylights from within the parking garage.

One Sun 34 Moons 000 One Sun 34 Moons 002 One Sun 34 Moons 004 One Sun 34 Moons 003 One Sun 34 Moons 005 One Sun 34 Moons 006 One Sun 34 Moons 007 One Sun 34 Moons 008

November 29, 2013 – Went to Nelson-Atkins at night and took some pictures.

One Sun 34 Moons Night 001 One Sun 34 Moons Night 002 One Sun 34 Moons Night 003

Ward Parkway Mirror Pool Fountain

Ward Mirror 002

Location:  Ward Parkway between West 61st Terrace and West 62nd Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  July 5, 2013

In the median of Ward Parkway between 61st and 62nd sits the Ward Parkway Mirror Pool.  It takes up nearly the entire block.  Originally a reflecting pool, used at times for miniature boating and ice skating, the fountains were added in 1965.  It is a couple of blocks North of the Meyer Circle Sea Horse Fountain.

Ward Mirror 001 Ward Mirror 003 Ward Mirror 004 Ward Mirror 005 Ward Mirror 006 Ward Mirror 007

September 8, 2013 – Removed old picture.  Added new pictures.

Four Fauns Fountain

Four Fauns 001

Location:  314 Nichols Road, Country Club Plaza, Kansas City, MO

Found:  July 20, 2013

A small rectangular pool with a faun sitting at each corner blowing a stream of water into the pool.  A couple of nearby benches allows people to sit and take a break of the nearby busy Plaza sidewalk.  This fountain is located a little ways West of the Allen Memorial Fountain.  It is right next to the MAC Cosmetics store and West of Starbucks.

Four Fauns 000

South Garden Reflecting Pool

South Garden 003

Location:  National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial, 100 West 26th Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  July 14, 2013

A tiered fountain and waterfall that flows down to the reflecting pool in front of the entrance to the World War I Museum.  One of the pictures below was taken from above the museum at the Liberty Memorial.

South Garden 001 South Garden 002 South Garden 004 South Garden 005

September 7, 2013 – Removed old pictures.  Added new pictures.  Edited text.

Hallmark Corporate Fountain

Hallmark 001

Location:  Hallmark Corporate Headquarters, 2501 McGee Trafficway, Kansas City, MO

Found:  July 27, 2013

The six fountains are up by the entrance.  The water flows down the pools that stretch out and down into the parking lot.  Hallmark’s headquarters are located back from the road, kind of behind a church and South of the main part of Crown Center, although the Hallmark complex does stretch back over to Crown Center.

Hallmark 002 Hallmark 003 Hallmark 004

September 7, 2013 – Removed old pictures.  Added new pictures.  Edited text.