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Central Park Waterfall

Central Park 001

Location:  Central Park, NE 70th Street and N Holmes Street, Gladstone, MO

Found:  July 23, 2016

Across the street from the Gladstone City Hall is Central Park.  At the entrance to Central Park and the Gladstone Community Center is this waterfall.  The top and bottom of the waterfall are both landscaped with plants, stones and rock.

Central Park 002 Central Park 003 Central Park 004 Central Park 005 Central Park 006


Waterfall Park – Independence

Waterfall Park Indy 031

Location:  Waterfall Park, 4501 S Bass Pro Drive, Independence, MO

Found:  June 5, 2016

Waterfall Park sits back behind Bass Pro Shop near the junction of Interstate 70 and Interstate 470.  There is a small lake and Waterfall Park sits on the west edge of the lake off a traffic circle where Bass Pro Drive meets Bluff Drive.

If you are going to visit here, put your walking shoes on as you will need them to get the full views of the waterfalls here.  You will either need to park at Waterfall Park, off the previously mentioned traffic circle or at Bass Pro Shop.  To see the close-up views of the waterfalls, you will need to walk along Bluff Drive.  The left/north lane of Bluff Drive off the traffic circle is for pedestrian and bicycle traffic, the right/south lane is a one-way lane for vehicular traffic.

Roughly a quarter-mile east along Bluff Drive from the park parking lot, you will encounter the first waterfall on the south side of the road.  It is built into the side of the hill there and very steep and tall.  The water flows through a sort of drain and flows under the road and comes out the other side where it cascades down further into the lake.  Please be mindful that there is a lane of vehicular traffic when you cross the road to get a closer look.  There is a permanent decorative fence on both sides of the road to keep everyone safe from the falls.

From the first waterfall, continue east around the bend and you will see a light pole and what looks like a gap in the stone wall.  The is where the second waterfall is located.  The water is rolling down the hill in this location.  It’s not very steep but there is a lot of trees and plants that obscure the view here and there.  It all falls down into a hole a couple or three feet deep and, like the tall waterfall, flows under the road and comes out the other side.  Unlike the other waterfall, there are no fences or barriers around this hole so be careful walking around it.

To get the full-on views of the waterfalls, you will have to hike around to Bass Pro Shop and follow the path along the north side of the lake.  When you get to the apartment building next to Bass Pro, you will be able to see the full first waterfall and it is spectacular.  Unfortunately, the second waterfall is hard to find and see from the opposite side of the lake.

I am not sure what the policy is on getting on the lake or walking in the “woods” behind the barriers along Bluff Drive, but those would be the only ways to get a better look at the falls.  The areas around the waterfalls are grown over with trees and undergrowth, plus you’d have to jump barriers to get there.  That may not be a safe course of action as I’m sure the wet rocks are slick and you may not be able to see where you’re stepping and what you’re stepping on.

Waterfall Park Indy 001 Waterfall Park Indy 002 Waterfall Park Indy 003 Waterfall Park Indy 004 Waterfall Park Indy 005 Waterfall Park Indy 006 Waterfall Park Indy 007 Waterfall Park Indy 008 Waterfall Park Indy 009 Waterfall Park Indy 010 Waterfall Park Indy 011 Waterfall Park Indy 012 Waterfall Park Indy 013 Waterfall Park Indy 014 Waterfall Park Indy 015 Waterfall Park Indy 016 Waterfall Park Indy 017 Waterfall Park Indy 018 Waterfall Park Indy 019 Waterfall Park Indy 020 Waterfall Park Indy 021 Waterfall Park Indy 022 Waterfall Park Indy 023 Waterfall Park Indy 024 Waterfall Park Indy 025 Waterfall Park Indy 026 Waterfall Park Indy 027 Waterfall Park Indy 028 Waterfall Park Indy 029 Waterfall Park Indy 030 Waterfall Park Indy 032

49-63 Neighborhood Fountain

4963 001

Location:  East 58th Street and Lydia Avenue, Kansas City, MO

Found:  May 12, 2016

AKA Lydia Street Neighborhood Fountain

Designed by artist Will Nettleship, this fountain is found in a green space at the intersection of E 58th and Lydia and bordered on the east by The Paseo.  It is in the 49-63 Neighborhood Coalition which encompasses many neighborhoods between 49th Street and 63rd Street.

The fountain is made of brick and concrete.  The water comes out at the top of the brick area and flows down to a drain.  Some bricks are raised causing the water to follow a predetermined course to the drain.  The concrete outcropping with brick lines is a theme of the green area as there are three others in the park of same design.

4963 002 4963 003 4963 004 4963 005 4963 006 4963 007 4963 008 4963 009 4963 010

Burrus Old Mill Park Waterwheel

Old Mill Park 001

Location:  Burrus Old Mill Park, 112 NW Woods Chapel Road, Blue Springs, MO

Found:  May 4, 2016

At the entrance of Burrus Old Mill Park is this waterwheel that doubles as the entrance sign for the park.  Pretty straightforward setup here.  Water comes out of the top post of the sign and down into the wheel.  The wheel turns and deposits the water in the basin below.  The water flows continuously and so the wheel keeps turning.

Old Mill Park 002 Old Mill Park 003 Old Mill Park 004 Old Mill Park 005 Old Mill Park 006 Old Mill Park 007 Old Mill Park 008 Old Mill Park 009 Old Mill Park 010

Joe D. Dennis Park Fountain

Dennis 002

Location:  Joe D. Dennis Park, West 50th Street and Rainbow Boulevard, Westwood, Kansas

Found:  July 4, 2014

This shady park that sits on the southwest corner of 50th and Rainbow is named after a former mayor of Westwood, Kansas.  The fountain is in the northeast part of the park and is surrounded by a path and benches.

Dennis 000a Dennis 000b Dennis 001 Dennis 003 Dennis 004 Dennis 005 Dennis 006 Dennis 007 Dennis 008 Dennis 009

Briarcliff Waterfall


Briarcliff Waterfall New 009

Location:  Briarcliff Waterfall Park, NW Platte Road and NW Valley Lane, Riverside, MO

Found:  May 10, 2014

Park of the Riverside, MO Trails and Park system, Briarcliff Waterfall Park contains the Briarcliff Waterfall.  It is blended into the existing rock face.  Water comes down the falls and runs a short distance under the pedestrian bridge and then down into the pond.  Riverside’s Platte Road hiking trail runs through the park.  A few geese and their young were enjoying the park while I was there.  Judging by the surroundings, geese frequent this park often so watch your step if you visit.

There is a subdivision at the top of the hill.  You can see some new construction at the top of the waterfall in some of the pictures.

The Riverside Play Fountain is about a half-mile to the west.

June 6, 2016 – UPDATE – As this post is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, post on my blog, I was in the neighborhood and decided to get a new set of photos.  I have added them to the post and kept the old photos up just for comparison’s sake.

Briarcliff Waterfall 000 Briarcliff Waterfall 001 Briarcliff Waterfall 002 Briarcliff Waterfall 003 Briarcliff Waterfall 004 Briarcliff Waterfall 005 Briarcliff Waterfall 006 Briarcliff Waterfall 007 Briarcliff Waterfall 008 Briarcliff Waterfall 009 Briarcliff Waterfall 010 Briarcliff Waterfall 011 Briarcliff Waterfall 012 Briarcliff Waterfall New 000 Briarcliff Waterfall New 001 Briarcliff Waterfall New 002 Briarcliff Waterfall New 003 Briarcliff Waterfall New 004 Briarcliff Waterfall New 005 Briarcliff Waterfall New 006 Briarcliff Waterfall New 007 Briarcliff Waterfall New 008 Briarcliff Waterfall New 009 Briarcliff Waterfall New 010 Briarcliff Waterfall New 011 Briarcliff Waterfall New 012 Briarcliff Waterfall New 013 Briarcliff Waterfall New 014 Briarcliff Waterfall New 015


Intercity Horse Trough Fountain

Intercity 001

Location:  Wyandotte County Museum, 631 North 126th Street, Bonner Springs

Found:  April 10, 2014

This fountain is one of the oldest fountains still existing, having been first placed in 1905.  It has been moved a couple of times, starting at the Kansas end of what is now known as the Lewis & Clark Viaduct.  It was later moved to the tennis courts at 18th and Parallel in Kansas City, Kansas.  The Wyandotte County Historical Society eventually purchased it, had it fully restored and placed at its current home at the Wyandotte County Museum in Wyandotte County Park.  However, it is no longer a functional fountain.

Intercity 003 Intercity 005 Intercity 004 Intercity 007 Intercity 002 Intercity 006

Armour Center Fountain

Armour Center 002

Location:  Armour Hills, West 69th Street and Brookside Road, Kansas City, MO

Found:  September 2, 2013

This fountain can be found on the second island east of the intersection of West 69th and Brookside.  You can see the Romanelli Gardens Fountain from here to the west.  The sculpture features a boy standing over a duck while holding a duckling on his shoulder.  The duck provides the fountain with the water coming out of its bill.  This fountain is in the Armour Hills area

Armour Center 001 Armour Center 003 Armour Center 004 Armour Center 005 Armour Center 006 Armour Center 007