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City of Olathe Fountain – 135th Street

Olathe 135 001

Location:  W 135th Street, just west of S Pflumm Road, Olathe, KS

Found:  July 10, 2016

This fountain is at the eastern city limits of Olathe in the median of 135th Street, just west of Pflumm Road.  It is a large combination waterfall/fountain/planter.  On Google Maps, I measure it at about 120 feet in total length.  Due to fences on the south side of the road and trees on the north side of the road, it is very difficult to get the entire length of the fountain in one shot.  I tried though.

The middle section is a double-sided waterfall.  The side facing east has a sign that says “City of Olathe” to greet traffic entering Olathe city limits.  Each side of the waterfall has its own pool.  The two waterfall sides are identical, except there is no sign on the west-facing side.  The sides facing the street have a design on it that, to me, resembles a fountain or, maybe, a sunrise.

The east part is the fountain part.  It is a long pool sectioned off into 10 separate, but joined, pools.  Every other pool has a small bubbler in it.

The west part is a large planter that is home to five good-sized trees and the trees are roughly spaced out to resemble the bubbler spacing on the east end.

There are businesses nearby on the north side of the street where you can park and walk to the fountain.  You will have to go west on 135th to get to the streets that give access to the fountain.  Be careful though.  135th Street can be fairly busy.

I mentioned 135th Street in the post title because there is also a City of Olathe fountain in the median of 119th Street east of Interstate 35 and I wanted to be sure to differentiate between the two.

Olathe 135 002 Olathe 135 003 Olathe 135 004 Olathe 135 005 Olathe 135 006 Olathe 135 007 Olathe 135 008 Olathe 135 009 Olathe 135 010 Olathe 135 011 Olathe 135 012 Olathe 135 013 Olathe 135 014 Olathe 135 015 Olathe 135 016

Watts Mill Waterfall

Watts Mill 015

Location:  Indian Creek at W 103rd Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  May 15, 2016

Next to Marco Polo’s Italian Market and along the Indian Creek Bike Trail that passes by here is the Watts Mill Historical Site.  There are a couple of plaques, although one is basically faded to the point of illegibility.  There is also a “sign” erected over a couple of old millstones with plaques on either side with information about the site and the millstones.  I did not take a picture of the millstones because they have been vandalized with spray paint.

There is a small park on the site and there is an overlook from where you can see the waterfall.  If you walk south along the bike path there are some breaks to where you can get down on the rocks right on the creek and right on top of the waterfall.  I walked up the creek a little ways and found a small flock of geese sunning themselves on a rock.  I also walked down the path towards the bridge on 103rd Street and took a couple of long shots from there.

Watts Mill 000a Watts Mill 000b Watts Mill 000c Watts Mill 001 Watts Mill 002 Watts Mill 003 Watts Mill 004 Watts Mill 005 Watts Mill 006 Watts Mill 007 Watts Mill 008 Watts Mill 009 Watts Mill 010 Watts Mill 011 Watts Mill 012 Watts Mill 013 Watts Mill 014

Levi Fountain

Levi Fountain 007

Location:  Corbin Park, 6917 W 135th Street, Overland Park, KS

Found:  May 10, 2016

Located in Corbin Park  on the northeast side of the traffic circle near Scheel’s Sporting Goods.  It’s kind of a miniaturized version of middle part of the Corner Fountain with the water bubbling up into a pool at the top of the wall and either going straight out the front waterfall or going down a short channel on either side to the smaller waterfalls.

Unlike any of the other fountains in Corbin Park, this one apparently has a name.  At least, that is what the plaque affixed on the fountain says.  The numbers look like a date but I don’t know what exact date it represents.  I have to assume that is when the fountain was finished and/or dedicated and put into operation.

Levi Fountain 000 Levi Fountain 001 Levi Fountain 002 Levi Fountain 003 Levi Fountain 004 Levi Fountain 005 Levi Fountain 006

Corbin Park Concourse Fountains

Corbin Park Concourse 025

Location:  Corbin Park, 6917 W 135th Street, Overland Park, KS

Found:  May 10, 2016

A set of three fountains found along the concourse behind the Von Maur building in Corbin Park.  One fountain can be found near the west entrance of Von Maur near the clocktower.  A second fountain is at the north entrance to Von Maur.  The final fountain is straight north of the second one near the street and parking lots.  You can see the second fountain from the third and vice versa but the first fountain is around the corner from the second.

The first and third fountains are identical:  A three-tiered fountain centered in a round basin with another wall encircling it with shrubs and flowers planted in between.  The pedestals in the basins that these fountains are sitting on are covered with brick as opposed to just bare concrete as is usually found.

The second fountain, by the north entrance to Von Maur, is different.  It contains a four-tiered fountain sitting in a cross-shaped basin.  In each arm of the cross, there are two water jets shooting water back up at the fountain.

There is a lot of landscaping along the concourse.  Southwest of the clocktower is a small amphitheatre with a raised stage covered by a pergola at one end.  Most of the stores, maybe all of them, in this area, with the exception of Von Maur, are currently unoccupied.  I had a little fun and took pictures of the reflections of the fountains in the store windows.

I could not find any specific name for this or any of the water features in Corbin Park so the name is of my doing to differentiate the different features.  I decided to group these fountains together due to their proximity to each other.  If/when I find a specific name for these, I will change the title of the post accordingly.

Corbin Park Concourse 001 Corbin Park Concourse 002 Corbin Park Concourse 003 Corbin Park Concourse 004 Corbin Park Concourse 005 Corbin Park Concourse 006 Corbin Park Concourse 007 Corbin Park Concourse 008 Corbin Park Concourse 009 Corbin Park Concourse 010 Corbin Park Concourse 011 Corbin Park Concourse 012 Corbin Park Concourse 013 Corbin Park Concourse 014 Corbin Park Concourse 015 Corbin Park Concourse 016 Corbin Park Concourse 017 Corbin Park Concourse 018 Corbin Park Concourse 019 Corbin Park Concourse 020 Corbin Park Concourse 021 Corbin Park Concourse 022 Corbin Park Concourse 023 Corbin Park Concourse 024 Corbin Park Concourse 025

Corbin Park Tower Fountain

Corbin Park Tower 001

Location:  Corbin Park, 6917 W 135th Street, Overland Park, KS

Found:  May 10, 2016

This large and impressive water feature is located next to Sprouts in Corbin Park.  There is a waterfall halfway up the top part of the tower underneath the Corbin Park logo.  It falls down into a pool and then down into the waterfall to the large, irregularly-shaped basin at ground level.  There are sculptures of three horses with fountains in the basin, including one horse that is getting hit with a jet of water right in the mouth.

The tower is actually an elevator.  There is a walkway behind the waterfall where the elevator accesses ground level.  It goes up to a large deck that looks over the fountain.  For those who don’t want to use the elevator, of if the elevator is out of service like it was today, there is a stairway next to the building.

I could not find any specific name for this or any of the water features in Corbin Park so the name is of my doing to differentiate the different features.  If/when I find a specific name for this, I will change the title of the post accordingly.

Corbin Park Tower 002 Corbin Park Tower 003 Corbin Park Tower 004 Corbin Park Tower 005 Corbin Park Tower 006 Corbin Park Tower 007 Corbin Park Tower 008 Corbin Park Tower 009 Corbin Park Tower 010 Corbin Park Tower 011 Corbin Park Tower 012 Corbin Park Tower 013 Corbin Park Tower 014 Corbin Park Tower 015 Corbin Park Tower 016 Corbin Park Tower 017 Corbin Park Tower 018 Corbin Park Tower 019 Corbin Park Tower 020 Corbin Park Tower 021 Corbin Park Tower 022 Corbin Park Tower 023 Corbin Park Tower 024 Corbin Park Tower 025 Corbin Park Tower 026

Corbin Park Corner Fountain

Corbin Park Corner 001

Location:  Corbin Park, 6917 W 135th Street, Overland Park, KS

Found:  May 10, 2016

This large fountain sits on the southeast corner of 135th and Metcalf to welcome everyone to the Corbin Park Shopping Village.  The Deer Creek Woods Waterfall is on the opposite corner of the intersection.  This fountain has just about every water feature you could ask for.  Traditional fountains at each end, bubblers at the top of the wall, waterfalls and stone-lined channels.

Water begins in each of the end fountains and at the top of the wall.  At the top of the wall, bubblers fill a pool which causes the water to fall through the notches in the wall.  At the ends, water comes out the top of each fountain and works it way down to the basins.  Once the water hits the basins it works it way down the channels and falls until it winds up in the lowest basin nearest to the street.  There is also sculptures of a family of deer in the middle of the whole thing.

I could not find any specific name for this or any of the water features in Corbin Park so the name is of my doing to differentiate the different features.  If/when I find a specific name for this, I will change the title of the post accordingly.

Corbin Park Corner 002 Corbin Park Corner 003 Corbin Park Corner 004 Corbin Park Corner 005 Corbin Park Corner 006 Corbin Park Corner 007 Corbin Park Corner 008 Corbin Park Corner 009 Corbin Park Corner 010 Corbin Park Corner 011 Corbin Park Corner 012 Corbin Park Corner 013 Corbin Park Corner 014 Corbin Park Corner 015 Corbin Park Corner 016 Corbin Park Corner 017 Corbin Park Corner 018

Overland Park Soccer Complex Fountain

Soccer 003

Location:  Scheel’s Overland Park Soccer Complex, 13700 Switzer Road, Overland Park, KS

Found:  May 10, 2016

This fountain is located in a courtyard and concession area behind the field house at the Overland Park Soccer Complex.  It is a Kugel Floating Ball Fountain, like the Kansas City Life Fountain, where a large granite ball is floating on a thin film of water running out of the base.  The ball, obviously painted to match its location, slowly revolves and rotates on top of the film of water.  In the pictures from roughly the same angle, you can see the ball has moved.

The soccer complex is next to the Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead at Switzer and 135th.

Soccer 001 Soccer 002 Soccer 004 Soccer 005 Soccer 006 Soccer 007 Soccer 008

Sprint World Headquarters

Sprint 001

Location:  Sprint World Headquarters, 6200 Sprint Parkway, Overland Park, KS

Found:  April 30, 2016

The Sprint World Headquarters is located near the intersection of West 119th Street and Nall Avenue.  The headquarters is actually a campus consisting of 17 buildings and approximately 200 acres.  There are a couple of locations for water features on the campus.  There is also a lot of nicely maintained green area on the campus with many trees and gardens.

The main location is the Town Square, which is about in the middle of the campus.  It starts up top in the town square area in the seating and picnic area.  In that area, there is a pool within a pool.  The inside pool is a sunken area with a waterspout in the middle of it.  The upper pool flows west under the sidewalk to the middle of the five main waterfalls.  As there isn’t enough water flowing out that pool to feed all of the waterfalls, there is obviously a lot of hidden water flowing through the entire feature.  There is a smaller waterfall at each end of the five main falls.  For the one on the south end, up top just to the south is an open pool that flows down to that fall which flows down onto a long stone base and then down into the pool.  Under the north three main falls are more falls with differing rock formations creating different effects.  There is an open archway at the north end of the pool and water flows into there.

To the north of the Town Square is a big outdoor amphitheatre.  At the top of the amphitheatre is a seating area under a pergola.  In the back of this area are tall dark coloured walls that look like they would have water coming out at the top and down to the basins below each wall.  However, these were not running and they were completely dry when I visited.

I also included a picture of the clock tower.

Sprint 000 Sprint 002 Sprint 003 Sprint 004 Sprint 005 Sprint 006 Sprint 007 Sprint 008 Sprint 009 Sprint 010 Sprint 011 Sprint 012 Sprint 013 Sprint 014 Sprint 015 Sprint 016 Sprint 017 Sprint 018 Sprint 019 Sprint 020 Sprint 021 Sprint 022 Sprint 023 Sprint 024 Sprint 025 Sprint 026 Sprint 027 Sprint 028 Sprint 029 Sprint 030 Sprint 031 Sprint 032 Sprint 033 Sprint 034 Sprint 035 Sprint 036 Sprint 037 Sprint 038

Deer Creek Woods Waterfall

Deer Creek Woods 001

Location:  Deer Creek Woods, W 135th Street and Metcalf Avenue, Overland Park, KS

Found:  April 22, 2016

The Shoppes at Deer Creek Woods is an area with shopping, restaurants and various businesses located on the north side of W 135th Street between US-69 and Metcalf Avenue.  The waterfall is located on the northwest quadrant of the intersection of W 135th and Metcalf.  It is essentially a big stone wedge, with the Deer Creek Woods logo on both faces with a waterfall on each side.  It is well landscaped and I am assuming it will have flowers later in the year.

On the opposite side of the intersection is Corbin Park and its large fountain.

Deer Creek Woods 002 Deer Creek Woods 003 Deer Creek Woods 004 Deer Creek Woods 005 Deer Creek Woods 006 Deer Creek Woods 007

Prairiefire Fountain

Prairiefire 001

Location:  Prairiefire, 5661 W 135th Street, Overland Park, KS

Found:  April 22, 2016

In the Prairiefire shopping area, east of the museum, sits this fountain in front of Pinstripes.  It’s a two-level fountain with four small bubblers in the top level and water flows down into the lower level.  The outdoor dining areas for Pinstripes and Newport Grill are next to the fountain.

In front of the fountain is the sculpture “Leap Rabbit” by Georgia Gerber.

NOTE – The address I listed is for Prairiefire, as listed on their website.  However, if you click the link it shows you Pinstripes’ location.

Prairiefire 000 Prairiefire 002 Prairiefire 003 Prairiefire 004 Prairiefire 005 Prairiefire 006 Prairiefire 007 Prairiefire 008 Prairiefire 009 Prairiefire 010 Prairiefire 011