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Corinth Square Fountain

Corinth Square 006

Location:  Corinth Square, W 83rd Street and Mission Road, Prairie Village, KS

Found:  July 17, 2016

In the Corinth Square shopping area in Prairie Village sits this fountain.  It is outside of SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza at the northeast corner of the main central building.  It is a two-tiered fountain with a bubbler in each tier.  There is a curved pergola standing over the path around the east and north sides of the fountain.

Corinth Square 001 Corinth Square 002 Corinth Square 003 Corinth Square 004 Corinth Square 005



Ranch Mart Wall Fountain

Ranchmart Wall 001

Location:  Ranch Mart Shopping Center, 3705 W 95th Street, Leawood, KS

Found:  May 12, 2016

This wall fountain can be found on the main Ranch Mart building between Ranchview Floral & Interior and CVS.  It is a highly-detailed lion’s head which would normally have water coming out of the mouth into the small basin beneath it which would then overflow into the basin on the ground.  However, this fountain was not running and it all looked dry so I do not know when it was last in operation or if it even operates at all.

Ranchmart Wall 002 Ranchmart Wall 003

Ranch Mart Fountain

Ranchmart 001

Location:  Ranch Mart Shopping Center, 3705 W 95th Street, Leawood, KS

Found:  May 12, 2016

The fountain for the Ranch Mart is on the southeast corner of the intersection of 95th Street and Mission Road.   The shopping center is behind the fountain and it includes, among other things, a True Value and a movie theatre.

There are four bubblers in the top of the fountain and the water flows down into the lower basin.  Lots of flowers and plants and, of course, the native utility marker flags.

Ranchmart 002 Ranchmart 003 Ranchmart 004 Ranchmart 005 Ranchmart 006

Westwood (KS) Fountain

Westwood 001

Location:  Mission Road and West 47th Street, Westwood, KS

Found:  September 21, 2014

Small fountain for the city of Westwood, Kansas (not to be confused with Westwood Hills, KS or Westwood, MO) located on the southeast quad of the intersection of West 47th and Mission Road.  There are 5 water jets in a slightly sunken fountain surrounded by decorative brick work and landscaping with a sign for the City of Westwood in the back.

Westwood 000 Westwood 002

Carroll Plaza Fountain

Carroll Plaza 001

Location:  Carroll Plaza, West 75th Street and Mission Road, Prairie Village, KS

Found:  July 4, 2014

Carroll Plaza is dedicated to Ralph Carroll, a former superintendant of Public Works in Prairie Village.  It’s a small park with a path, lights, flowers, shrubs and this fountain.

Be forewarned though if you go looking for this fountain, closest place to park is a bit north and across the street on Mission Road and Mission can get a bit busy, especially so close to 75th.

Carroll Plaza 000 Carroll Plaza 002 Carroll Plaza 003 Carroll Plaza 004

Swan Fountain

Swan 001

Location:  Verona Columns Park, Ensley Lane and Overhill Road, Mission Hills

Found:  September 2, 2013

A small park with some big features.  The focal point at the back of the park is the Verona Columns, eight in total.  In front of the columns is the Swan Fountain and in front of that is a long reflecting pool with some water jets in it.  Mission Road also intersects here.

Swan 002 Swan 003 Swan 004 Swan 005 Swan 009 Swan 010 Swan 000 Swan 007 Swan 006 Swan 008