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City of Olathe Fountain – 135th Street

Olathe 135 001

Location:  W 135th Street, just west of S Pflumm Road, Olathe, KS

Found:  July 10, 2016

This fountain is at the eastern city limits of Olathe in the median of 135th Street, just west of Pflumm Road.  It is a large combination waterfall/fountain/planter.  On Google Maps, I measure it at about 120 feet in total length.  Due to fences on the south side of the road and trees on the north side of the road, it is very difficult to get the entire length of the fountain in one shot.  I tried though.

The middle section is a double-sided waterfall.  The side facing east has a sign that says “City of Olathe” to greet traffic entering Olathe city limits.  Each side of the waterfall has its own pool.  The two waterfall sides are identical, except there is no sign on the west-facing side.  The sides facing the street have a design on it that, to me, resembles a fountain or, maybe, a sunrise.

The east part is the fountain part.  It is a long pool sectioned off into 10 separate, but joined, pools.  Every other pool has a small bubbler in it.

The west part is a large planter that is home to five good-sized trees and the trees are roughly spaced out to resemble the bubbler spacing on the east end.

There are businesses nearby on the north side of the street where you can park and walk to the fountain.  You will have to go west on 135th to get to the streets that give access to the fountain.  Be careful though.  135th Street can be fairly busy.

I mentioned 135th Street in the post title because there is also a City of Olathe fountain in the median of 119th Street east of Interstate 35 and I wanted to be sure to differentiate between the two.

Olathe 135 002 Olathe 135 003 Olathe 135 004 Olathe 135 005 Olathe 135 006 Olathe 135 007 Olathe 135 008 Olathe 135 009 Olathe 135 010 Olathe 135 011 Olathe 135 012 Olathe 135 013 Olathe 135 014 Olathe 135 015 Olathe 135 016

Sixty-Ninth Street Fountain

Sixty-ninth Street On 001

Location:  Ward Parkway, between W 68th Terrace and W 69th Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  May 12, 2016

This fountain was established by the JC Nichols Company in 1930.  It sits in the median of Ward Parkway between 68th Terrace and 69th Street.  Arno Park is across the street to the southwest.  Water bubbles up out of the top of the fountain and eventually falls into the pool below.  The pool is lined with shrubs and flowers.

This is an update post from an old post.  This was the first time I had ever seen this fountain in operation.  The old post had pictures of it not running and I was under the impression that the fountain did not run at all anymore.  Evidently my impression was wrong or it had gotten fixed.  Anyway, pictures of a fountain running as opposed to not running always calls for a new post.

Sixty-ninth Street On 002 Sixty-ninth Street On 003 Sixty-ninth Street On 004 Sixty-ninth Street On 005 Sixty-ninth Street On 006 Sixty-ninth Street On 007

The Elms Fountains

Elms 008

Location: The Elms Hotel and Spa, 401 Regent Street, Excelsior Springs, MO

Found:  May 7, 2016

The historic Elms Hotel and Spa has been around for 125 years and has been frequented by celebrities, politicians and notorious people.  It is also haunted by friendly spirits and has been featured on the show Ghost Hunters.  Visit the hotel website to find out more about its history.

As for the fountains, there are two in front of the hotel.  One is right in front of the hotel in a traffic circle.  The other one is at the north end of Elms Boulevard at St. Louis Avenue in the median.  The one at St. Louis Avenue is a two-tiered fountain with an ornate, geometric shaped basin.  The one at the hotel is a three-tiered fountain flowing down into a round basin.

Elms 001 Elms 002 Elms 003 Elms 004 Elms 005 Elms 006 Elms 007 Elms 009 Elms 010 Elms 011 Elms 012 Elms 013 Elms 014 Elms 015 Elms 016 Elms 017 Elms 018

Seville Light Fountain – Renovated

SevilleRen 001

Location:  Country Club Plaza, JC Nichols Parkway and West 47th Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  April 26, 2015

My original post on this fountain can be found here.  Some information about the renovations can be found here.

The Seville Light Fountain sat on the east end of Country Club Plaza and across the street from the JC Nichols Memorial Fountain, but sat there not working.  Its plumbing and electrical systems did not work.  The sidewalk around the fountain needed to be repaired.  Over the winter, when the Nichols fountain was surrounded by a fence and tarps, the Seville Light Fountain got its own covering as it underwent repairs.

Now, the Seville Fountain not only looks great, it works!  Water comes out of the faces on each side of the fountain now!  It has been years since this fountain was operable.  You may have never seen it work.  Go see it!

SevilleRen 000a SevilleRen 000b SevilleRen 002 SevilleRen 003 SevilleRen 004 SevilleRen 005 SevilleRen 006 SevilleRen 007 SevilleRen 008

Brookwood Fountain

Brookwood 004

Location:  Brookwood Road and State Line Road, Mission Hills, Kansas

Found:  September 8, 2013 (original), July 4, 2014 (update)

This neighborhood fountain is located on an island on Brookwood Road at State Line Road.  Fountain consists of three children standing on a pedestal around a column.  A bowl sits on top of the column and the water bubbles out of the fountain in the bowl and then overflows down to the rectangular basin below.

I originally visited this site on September 8, 2013 but the fountain was not running at that time.   On July 4, 2014, I visited again and found the fountain to be operating.  I took all new pictures and updated this post to reflect the fountain in operation.

Brookwood 001 Brookwood 002 Brookwood 003 Brookwood 005 Brookwood 006 Brookwood 007 Brookwood 008

El Monte Fountain

El Monte 002

Location:  West 69th Street, Oxford Road and El Monte Street, Prairie Village, Kansas

Found:  July 4, 2014

This neighborhood fountain is found on a triangular traffic island at the intersection of West 69th Street, Oxford Road and El Monte Street.  It is located about 2 blocks west of the Prairie Village Gateway Fountain.

El Monte 001 El Monte 003 El Monte 004 El Monte 005



Westwood (MO) Fountain

Westwood MO 001

Location:  West 50th Street and Westwood Road, Kansas City, MO

Date Found:  July 4, 2014

In the Westwood area of Kansas City, Missouri, west of Country Club Plaza, and just off Ward Parkway is this fountain sitting in a triangular traffic island at the intersection of West 50th Street and Westwood Road.  The sign says Westwood Park, but the actual Westwood Park is about 3 blocks northwest of here.  Not to be confused with fountains in the cities of Westwood or Westwood Hills in Kansas, which are also in the Kansas City Metro area.

I took these pictures on July 4th and you can see that the fountain area was decorated appropriately.

Westwood MO 002 Westwood MO 003 Westwood MO 004 Westwood MO 005 Westwood MO 006 Westwood MO 007 Westwood MO 008

Cherokee and 71st Fountain

Cherokee and 71st 001

Location:  Cherokee Drive and W 71st Street, Prairie Village, KS

Found:  June 18, 2014

This fountain is found on the traffic island formed where Cherokee Drive forks off of West 71st Street.  The fountain features a cherub or angel holding what I think is a fish.  The water for the fountain comes out of the fish’s mouth.  There are three fauns, or satyrs, sitting around the bowl of the fountain and then the water falls into the basin below.  The basin had very little water in it when I took the picture.  A lion’s head can be found at the base of the fountain.  There are nice flowers and plants planted around the basin and a small tree grows behind the fountain.

If this fountain has a particular name, I have not been able to find it.  Therefore, I have named it after the streets.

Cherokee and 71st 002 Cherokee and 71st 003 Cherokee and 71st 004 Cherokee and 71st 005

American Legion #1

American Legion 1 006

Location:  Van Brunt Boulevard and Budd Esplanade Park, Kansas City, MO

Found:  April 26, 2014

This fountain was originally located at 9th and Main in downtown KC but was relocated to its current location when a downtown redevelopment project was started in 1958.  There are four eagles carved into the top of the column, which rises to a height of six feet.  Two sides of the column have bronze plaques illustrating soldiers on one side and sailors on the other.  One of the other sides features the American Legion dedication and the last side has a quotation from Theodore Roosevelt.

Budd Park is a couple of blocks to the east.

NOTE – The Foundation refers to this one as #1 of the two American Legion fountains in Kansas City and I am following the Foundation’s naming convention.

American Legion 1 000 American Legion 1 001 American Legion 1 002 American Legion 1 003 American Legion 1 004 American Legion 1 005 American Legion 1 007 American Legion 1 008

Muse of the Missouri

Muse 002

Location:  Main Street between 8th Street and 9th Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  April 20, 2014

AKA David Woods Kemper Memorial Fountain

The Muse of the Missouri sits in the median of Main Street between 8th and 9th Streets in downtown Kansas City.  The sculpture is of a goddess giving her interest and guidance on the Missouri River.  The fish were meant to be of species native to the Missouri River but the artist found catfish too ugly and carp unworkable so he created hybrids with carp bodies and bluefish heads.

There are 200 spouts of water, including the fish on the sculpture, in the fountain.  Water works its way down from the sculpture into the basins below and going from the highest basin to the lowest.  The fountain is dedicatd to David Woods Kemper, who was killed in Europe during the last days of World War II.

Muse 000 Muse 001 Muse 005 Muse 004 Muse 008 Muse 006 Muse 007 Muse 003 Muse 009