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Belvoir Winery Fountain

Belvoir 006

Location:  Belvoir Winery, 1325 Odd Fellows Road, Liberty, MO

Found:  September 3, 2016

The Belvoir Winery is located on the site of the Odd Fellows Home outside of Liberty.  The history of the International Order of Odd Fellows and the site is long and extensive and I cannot do it justice.  However, the Belvoir Winery website has a section about it that is much more detailed and interesting that I could ever make it.

The Belvoir Winery operates as a winery, obviously, and as an historic event venue.  It is a popular spot for weddings as well as other family and corporate events.  It also hosts regular paranormal investigations open to the public.

The fountain is located at the west end of the grounds down by where the driveway splits.  Water comes out the top and descends down five saucers, each one larger than the one above it.  After the fifth saucer, it falls down past the stem of the fountain, which looks to have swans around it, into yet another saucer before cascading down into the basin below.

In regards to the fountain, weddings are very important in that the only days the fountain runs are wedding days.  Check the website calendar to see when weddings are occurring before travelling out there to photograph the fountain.  Also, be aware and respectful of the wedding setup should it be near the fountain.  On this day, the wedding setup was around the gazebo off to the side of the fountain so I wasn’t able to get pictures of the fountain from and through the gazebo.  Also, get out there no later than early afternoon, so you don’t interfere with wedding photos.

Belvoir 001 Belvoir 002 Belvoir 003 Belvoir 004 Belvoir 005 Belvoir 007 Belvoir 009 Belvoir 010 Belvoir 011 Belvoir 012 Belvoir 013 Belvoir 014 Belvoir 015 Belvoir 016



Grand River Chapel Fountain

Grand River Chapel 001

Location:  William Jewell College, 500 College Hill, Liberty, MO

Found:  May 7, 2016

The Grand River Chapel is east of the intersection of E Mississippi Street and N Jewell Street on the campus of William Jewell College.  The fountain sits in a small courtyard outside of the chapel.  Plenty of seating and lots of trees, plants and flowers around the courtyard and the paths leading up to it.

The fountain sits in the middle of a stone basin.  Water shoots out the top and works its way down each of the levels until it falls into the basin.

When visiting, keep in mind you are on a college campus and parking may be a little difficult.  If you go on a weekday, you will have to find a visitor’s parking spot.  If you go on a weekend, you will probably have an easier time as the faculty spots are freed up.  Also, Mississippi is a one-way street going west until it meets up with Jewell.  At the intersection, go north on Jewell and follow that road around until you get to the parking at the bottom of the hill from the chapel near the intersection.  The college bookstore and union are across the street to the south.

Grand River Chapel 002 Grand River Chapel 003 Grand River Chapel 004 Grand River Chapel 005 Grand River Chapel 006 Grand River Chapel 007 Grand River Chapel 008 Grand River Chapel 009 Grand River Chapel 010 Grand River Chapel 011

Freedom Fountain

Freedom 001

Location:  Clay County Administraton Building, 1 Courthouse Square, Liberty, MO

Found:  May 13, 2015

This drinking fountain was erected and dedicated in the summer of 2001 as a legacy freedom monument honoring African-American pioneers and their contributions to Clay County.

The fountain is located on the northeast side of the Clay County Administraion Building in downtown Liberty.  The historical marker is two-sided.  The side facing the fountain describes the memorial and what it is commemorating.  The other side has a listing of African-American pioneers, sorted by their varying roles in the community, by city (Excelsior Springs is included) and by time period.

Freedom 000 Freedom 000b Freedom 002 Freedom 003 Freedom 004

Terry Barnes Memorial Fountain

Barnes 001

Location:  William Jewell College, Liberty, MO

Found:  May 13, 2015

This fountain is located at the entrance of William Jewell College in Liberty at the intersection of E Mill Street and R.E. Bowles Drive.  The fountain is a memorial for Terry Barnes, a 1989 graduate of William Jewell.  It was a gift to the college from family and friends of Barnes and was installed in the spring on 2000.

The fountain consists of an almost complete circle of water jets.  The opening in the circle allows people to walk into the fountain while it is running.  There is a pedestal in the middle with “Terry Barnes Memorial Fountain” inscribed around it.  You can even sit on the pedestal in the middle of the fountain if you want.  For those not wanting to venture into the fountain, there are a couple of standard benches on the north side of the fountain.

Barnes 002 Barnes 003 Barnes 004 Barnes 005 Barnes 006 Barnes 007 Barnes 008 Barnes 009 Barnes 010

Liberty Courtyard Fountain

Liberty Courtyard 002

Location:  Liberty City Hall, 101 East Kansas St., Liberty

Found:  August 31, 2013

This fountain is found in the courtyard next to Liberty City Hall and North of the Clay County Courthouse Annex building in downtown Liberty.  One large jet surrounded by smaller jets create the fountain and the water runs over and falls into the pool below.  There is a path leading from the fountain down to the south towards the courthouse building that is lined with trees and features benches.

Liberty Courtyard 000 Liberty Courtyard 001 Liberty Courtyard 003 Liberty Courtyard 004