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Cedar Creek Falls

Cedar Creek Falls 009

Location:  Lake Olathe, W Dennis Ave (or W 143th Street) and S Wardcliff Drive, Olathe, KS

Found:  July 10, 2016

This natural waterfall is located on the south side of Dennis Avenue (or 143rd Street, whichever you prefer, but the street signs say Dennis in this area) where Cedar Creek empties into Lake Olathe at the south end of the lake.  The Dennis Avenue bridge crosses over the south end of the lake and you can see the falls as you drive by.  The falls were running pretty good this day as I’m sure all the recent rains are keeping the creeks flowing.

It is a popular fishing area in that the pool where Cedar Creek empties into is easily accessible.  There are large rocks down to the lake’s edge on the east side.  As you can see in a couple of pictures, there was a man and his two kids fishing the day I took the photos.  Do be careful though, it is uneven terrain.

There is a small turnout on the southeast end of the bridge, but if someone is already there fishing that spot may be taken and it’s big enough for maybe two vehicles, depending on how they parked.  There is a driveway to nowhere a little west of bridge on the south side, but there was someone parked there the day I was there.  If you go a little further west of the bridge, on the north side there is what looks to be a camping area, that may or may not be used anymore as there were no signs anywhere, that you can pull into.  It is maybe a quarter-mile away, if that far, and you will have to cross the road to get to the waterfall.

Cedar Creek Falls 001 Cedar Creek Falls 002 Cedar Creek Falls 003 Cedar Creek Falls 004 Cedar Creek Falls 005 Cedar Creek Falls 006 Cedar Creek Falls 007 Cedar Creek Falls 008


Waterfall Park – Independence

Waterfall Park Indy 031

Location:  Waterfall Park, 4501 S Bass Pro Drive, Independence, MO

Found:  June 5, 2016

Waterfall Park sits back behind Bass Pro Shop near the junction of Interstate 70 and Interstate 470.  There is a small lake and Waterfall Park sits on the west edge of the lake off a traffic circle where Bass Pro Drive meets Bluff Drive.

If you are going to visit here, put your walking shoes on as you will need them to get the full views of the waterfalls here.  You will either need to park at Waterfall Park, off the previously mentioned traffic circle or at Bass Pro Shop.  To see the close-up views of the waterfalls, you will need to walk along Bluff Drive.  The left/north lane of Bluff Drive off the traffic circle is for pedestrian and bicycle traffic, the right/south lane is a one-way lane for vehicular traffic.

Roughly a quarter-mile east along Bluff Drive from the park parking lot, you will encounter the first waterfall on the south side of the road.  It is built into the side of the hill there and very steep and tall.  The water flows through a sort of drain and flows under the road and comes out the other side where it cascades down further into the lake.  Please be mindful that there is a lane of vehicular traffic when you cross the road to get a closer look.  There is a permanent decorative fence on both sides of the road to keep everyone safe from the falls.

From the first waterfall, continue east around the bend and you will see a light pole and what looks like a gap in the stone wall.  The is where the second waterfall is located.  The water is rolling down the hill in this location.  It’s not very steep but there is a lot of trees and plants that obscure the view here and there.  It all falls down into a hole a couple or three feet deep and, like the tall waterfall, flows under the road and comes out the other side.  Unlike the other waterfall, there are no fences or barriers around this hole so be careful walking around it.

To get the full-on views of the waterfalls, you will have to hike around to Bass Pro Shop and follow the path along the north side of the lake.  When you get to the apartment building next to Bass Pro, you will be able to see the full first waterfall and it is spectacular.  Unfortunately, the second waterfall is hard to find and see from the opposite side of the lake.

I am not sure what the policy is on getting on the lake or walking in the “woods” behind the barriers along Bluff Drive, but those would be the only ways to get a better look at the falls.  The areas around the waterfalls are grown over with trees and undergrowth, plus you’d have to jump barriers to get there.  That may not be a safe course of action as I’m sure the wet rocks are slick and you may not be able to see where you’re stepping and what you’re stepping on.

Waterfall Park Indy 001 Waterfall Park Indy 002 Waterfall Park Indy 003 Waterfall Park Indy 004 Waterfall Park Indy 005 Waterfall Park Indy 006 Waterfall Park Indy 007 Waterfall Park Indy 008 Waterfall Park Indy 009 Waterfall Park Indy 010 Waterfall Park Indy 011 Waterfall Park Indy 012 Waterfall Park Indy 013 Waterfall Park Indy 014 Waterfall Park Indy 015 Waterfall Park Indy 016 Waterfall Park Indy 017 Waterfall Park Indy 018 Waterfall Park Indy 019 Waterfall Park Indy 020 Waterfall Park Indy 021 Waterfall Park Indy 022 Waterfall Park Indy 023 Waterfall Park Indy 024 Waterfall Park Indy 025 Waterfall Park Indy 026 Waterfall Park Indy 027 Waterfall Park Indy 028 Waterfall Park Indy 029 Waterfall Park Indy 030 Waterfall Park Indy 032

Erickson Water Garden

Erickson 001

Location:  Overland Park Arboretum, Overland Park, KS

Found:  May 19, 2015

The Erickson Water Garden in the Overland Park Arboretum.  A large pool being fed by a couple of waterfalls.  It is surrounded by plants, flowers and trees plus there is a small sculpture of a boy playing with a toy boat too.  When I visited, the back half of the water garden was cordoned off so I only got to take pictures from the far side of the pool.

The Overland Park Arboretum has a website here.  There are many different themed gardens, walking trails, a large pond, a visitor’s center and many sculptures, some of which are spread out among the gardens and another bunch are in the International Sculpture Garden.  There is a small admission, unless you go on Tuesday when it is free to enter.

Erickson 000 Erickson 002 Erickson 003 Erickson 004 Erickson 005 Erickson 006

Willow Lake Fountains

Willow Lake 001

Location:   West 63rd Street and Ensley Lane, Mission Hills

Found:  April 5, 2015

AKA Eisenhower Lake.  This small lake (or large pond, depending on how you want to look at it) has two waterspouts in it.  Located a block or two west of the Mission Hills City Hall Fountain.

Originally found August 17, 2013.  I went out and took all new and more pictures, including pictures featuring the bridge at the north end of the lake.  Instead of just editing the original post, I decided to do a whole new post.

Willow Lake 002 Willow Lake 003 Willow Lake 004 Willow Lake 005 Willow Lake 006 Willow Lake 007

Lake Lenexa

Lake Lenexa 012

Location:  Black Hoof Park, 9053 Monticello Road, Lenexa, KS

Found:  November 29, 2014

Lake Lenexa can be found in Black Hoof Park off of Monticello Road.  Lake Lenexa is probably best known for its dam and spillway.  The dam and spillway are an excellent combination of art and function.  I would try to explain what each part of the spillway signifies but it is easier to point you to the picture of the spillway information plaque.  It points out each element of the spillway and what it signifies.

Not exactly a fountain but it does have a fountain element and also a “waterfall” element.  Plus, it’s just so cool looking that it needs to be brought to everyone’s attention.  I need to go back out there in the spring or summer when all the plants are green and the flowers are blooming.  I’m sure the whole thing looks more impressive with the greenery and flowers.

The slippery path and ice signs are located on the walking paths around the lake and spillway.

Lake Lenexa 000a Lake Lenexa 000b Lake Lenexa 000d Lake Lenexa 000c Lake Lenexa 001 Lake Lenexa 002 Lake Lenexa 003 Lake Lenexa 004 Lake Lenexa 005 Lake Lenexa 006 Lake Lenexa 007 Lake Lenexa 008 Lake Lenexa 009 Lake Lenexa 010 Lake Lenexa 011 Lake Lenexa 013 Lake Lenexa 014 Lake Lenexa 015 Lake Lenexa 016 Lake Lenexa 017 Lake Lenexa 018 Lake Lenexa 019 Lake Lenexa 020 Lake Lenexa 021

Antioch Park Fountains

Antioch Park 003

Location:  Antioch Park, Merriam, KS

Found:  May 25, 2014

Antioch Park in Merriam has two small lakes in it.  In the south lake, directly accessible through the south entrance to the park, are these two fountains.  There is a walking path around the lake with bridges and benches.  This lake is a popular fishing spot, I even saw a guy reel in a fish while I was taking these pictures, and geese and turtles enjoy the lake as well.

The Helen Cuddy Memorial Rose Garden Fountain is in the north half of Antioch Park.

Antioch Park 000 Antioch Park 001 Antioch Park 002 Antioch Park 004 Antioch Park 005 Antioch Park 006 Antioch Park 007 Antioch Park 008 Antioch Park 009

Three Lakes Apartments Fountain

Three Lakes 001

Location:  Three Lakes Apartments, 12100 Willow Lane, Overland Park

Found:  August 25, 2013

A fountain in one of the lakes in the Three Lakes Apartment complex.  Really a lake in name only, Three Ponds Apartments just doesn’t have a good ring to it.  Anyway, this is the lake nearest Willow Lane and can be easily seen as you drive by.

Three Lakes 002

Loose Park Lake Fountain

Loose Park Lake 003

Location:  Jacob L. Loose Park, West 51st Street and Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO

Found:  July 27, 2013

Loose Park Lake is in the East half of Loose Park south of the pavillion and next to Wornall Road.  The fountain is out in the middle of the lake and can pretty much be seen from any vantage point along the lake.  Even the ducks and geese enjoy a good fountain view.

Loose Park Lake 001 Loose Park Lake 002 Loose Park Lake 004 Loose Park Lake 005 Loose Park Lake 006 Loose Park Lake 007

September 2, 2013 – Removed all but one of the original pictures.  Added new pictures.