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Hallbrook Fountain

Hallbrook 005

Location:  W 118th Street and Brookwood Avenue, Leawood, KS

Found:  April 22, 2016

In the collection of subdivisions surrounding the Hallbrook Country Club is this fountain.  It is in a traffic circle about a block north of West 119th Street and is a few blocks east of the One Nineteen shopping center.

It is a pretty sizable fountain with a stone-rimmed basin, jets in the middle and around the outside.  There are four benches sitting around it, spaced out 90 degrees apart from each other.

When I was out there, there were a couple of ducks checking out the fountain.  It looked like they wanted to go for a swim but weren’t too sure about the fountain parts.  I tried to stay away from them and let them be.  I got a little too close and they started to walk away but hopped back up on the ledge after I backed off.  They were still there when I left.

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Goddess of the Spring

Goddess 001

Location:  Mission Drive and West 55th Street, Mission Hills, KS

Found:  June 28, 2015

Across the street from the Mission Hills Country Club and Golf Course on a traffic island at the intersection of Mission Drive and West 55th sits the Goddess of the Spring.  The goddess looks to be carrying items on or in a large seashell while standing on an even larger shell.  The water comes out of that shell and falls into the pool below.  Flowers, shrubs and small trees surround the fountain.  The goddess keeps an eye on the golf course across the street.

I have been told that this fountain is named Goddess of the Spring but I have been unable so far to find anything to verify that so that is the name I am going with.  Should I ever find different, I will change the name.

Goddess 002 Goddess 003 Goddess 004 Goddess 005 Goddess 006 Goddess 007

Mission Hills Fountain

Mission Hills 001

Location:  West 56th Street, High Drive and East Mission Drive, Mission Hills, KS

Found:  June 28, 2015

While looking for the Goddess of the Spring, I took a wrong turn and came across this fountain that I did not know existed until today.  It is in a traffic island at the intersection of the three streets listed above.

The fountain features an angel or cherub holding what looks to be a fish of some sort.  Water is coming out of the fish’s mouth as well as from inside the top ring.  The water falls down to the bottom ring and flows over the side into the basin below.  The shrubbery is very obviously cut into a distinct pattern and I have included a Google Map picture below to show what it looks like from above.

The fountain is located in the Mission Hills subdivision in Mission Hills, Kansas.  Until I am able to find another name for it, I will refer to it as the Mission Hills Fountain.  It is located approximately a block or so east of the Mission Hills Country Club and Golf Course.

Mission Hills 002 Mission Hills 003 Mission Hills 004 Mission Hills 005 Mission Hills 006 Mission Hills 007 Mission Hills 008 Mission Hills 009

Thomas H. Swope Memorial Fountain

Swope 011

Location:  Swope Memorial Golf Course, Swope Park, Kansas City, MO

Found:  September 14, 2013

If you follow Swope Memorial Drive as far North as it goes, you get to a circular parking lot next to Swope Memorial Golf Course.  Coursing northwest off this circle is a stone path that leads down to the Thomas H. Swope Memorial.  Thomas H. Swope, who donated the large amount of land, around 1300 acres but the park is now 1805 acres,  for the park that bears his name, is buried at this site which contains the fountain, which is 6 feet tall, and the memorial just to the east of it.  The fountain is on the edge of an overlook and you can see most of the park from here.  In the distance you can see the tops of the Starlight Theatre building and you can see the 178-foot tall Jacob Loose Memorial Flagpole, which is on the opposite side of the park, from here.

Swope 000a Swope 000b Swope 001 Swope 002 Swope 003 Swope 004 Swope 005 Swope 006 Swope 007 Swope 008 Swope 009 Swope 010

Shoal Creek Parkway Garden Fountain

Shoal Creek Garden 001

Location:  Shoal Creek Parkway and NE 87th Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  August 31, 2013

In the median of Shoal Creek Parkway, just north of NE 87th Street, is this fountain.  It is set inside a large stone block rectangle with some flowers planted next to the pool.  That might be the garden part.  About 2 blocks south of the Shoal Creek Golf Course Entry Fountain.

Shoal Creek Garden 002 Shoal Creek Garden 003

Shoal Creek Golf Course Entry Fountain

Shoal Creek Golf 001

Location:  Shoal Creek Golf Course, 8905 Shoal Creek Parkway, Kansas City, MO

Found:  August 31, 2013

This fountain consists of two small waterfalls that run into a pool in the middle of a landscaped area.  This area is in the median of Shoal Creek Parkway at the entrance to the Shoal Creek Parkway.  It is roughly two blocks north of the Shoal Creek Parkway Garden Fountain.

Shoal Creek Golf 002 Shoal Creek Golf 003