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Longview Mansion Fountain

Longview 001

Location:  Longview Mansion, 1200 SW Longview Park Drive, Lee’s Summit, MO

Found:  May 22, 2016

The Historic Longview Mansion sits on what was once the Longview Farm, which was the country estate of famous Kansas Citian R.A. Long.  The mansion is now used as an event facility and is home to weddings and corporate events, among other things.  To find out more about the history of the Longview Mansion and Farm, please visit the official website here.

The fountain sits out front of the mansion in the middle of a natural amphitheatre-type area.  There is a column in the middle of a round basin and each face of the column has a very ornate decoration with a waterspout.  A jet of water comes out of each face of the column, providing the fountain effect.  The landscaping is very well kept and meticulously shaped.  Wedding ceremonies are held in the fountain area.

If you want to photograph the Longview Mansion fountain or grounds, you need to obtain permission.  This is private property so they do not appreciate people roaming around the grounds without their knowledge, especially when they have an event they are setting up for or in progress.  Also, the fountain does not operate continuously, they only have it running for events.  They have signs at the front gate, which you can find pictures of below, warning you of these facts.  If you are interested in trying to arrange a time to take photographs, use the Longview Mansion website or the phone number listed on the sign at the front gate for contact.

My thanks to Jenny Gale, General Manager and Events Coordinator, for allowing me to visit and take photos.

Longview 000 Longview 002 Longview 003 Longview 004 Longview 005 Longview 006 Longview 007 Longview 008 Longview 009 Longview 010 Longview 011 Longview 012 Longview 013 Longview 014 Longview 015 Longview 016 Longview 017 Longview 018 Longview 019 Longview 020 Longview 021 Longview 022 Longview 023 Longview 024 Longview 025 Longview 026 Longview 027 Longview 028

Ewing and Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden

Kauffman Gardens 006

Location:  Ewing and Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden, 4800 Rockhill Road, Kansas City, MO

Found:  May 14, 2016

Located next to Theis Park and within sight of the Volker Fountain, this two-acre garden is part of the Kauffman Legacy Park.  Powell Gardens, in partnership with the Muriel McBrien Kauffman Foundation and Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, manages and maintains the garden.  There are four distinct sections and 7,000 plants in the garden.  You can read more about them at the website for Powell Gardens.

There are four water features within the garden.  In the Green Garden, you find the octagonal-shaped pool with fountain in the middle.  It is between the pergola and the Orangery.  I have heard it called the Ewing and Muriel Kauffman Memorial Fountain before.

Just to the east of the fountain against the east wall of the garden is the Shell Girl.  She stands on a pedestal in a small pool.  Water flows lightly out of the shell she holds in her right hand and falls into the pool below.

In the Parterre Garden, there is a long pool with three sculptures of dancing women created by local artist Tom Corbin.  Water bubbles up at the foot of each woman and there is a jet of water at each end.

It should be noted that shell girl, the fountain and the long pool all line up exactly east to west.  You can stand at shell girl and see all the way to the end of the long pool and you can stand at the end of the long pool and see shell girl with the fountain in between.

In the Secret Garden, there are three jump fountains.  They just look like black, mesh-covered drains and you can hear water running in them.  If you stay and watch, occasionally water will jump up out of the fountains and the jump can be fairly high, I’d guess as high as 6 to 8 feet above ground.  However, there does not seem to be any patterns and there is no noise or action that indicates that water is about to jump.  There may be long pauses in between jumps.  Also, one may jump while the other two remain silent.  So, your photo taking skills may be put to the test trying to photograph these in action.  Until about a month ago, I did not know these jumping fountains were there.  I had walked past the Secret Garden many times not realizing that that was part of the garden and not a storage/maintenance area.  The pictures were gotten on my second attempt to photograph them in action.

This is a new, updated post.  The old post was titled “Ewing and Muriel Kauffman Memorial Fountain” but I decided to redo the post for the garden as whole after finding the jumping fountains.  Since they brought the total up to four water features, it seemed more logical to do it that way.

Kauffman Gardens 001 Kauffman Gardens 002 Kauffman Gardens 003 Kauffman Gardens 004 Kauffman Gardens 005 Kauffman Gardens 007 Kauffman Gardens 016 Kauffman Gardens 008 Kauffman Gardens 009 Kauffman Gardens 010 Kauffman Gardens 011 Kauffman Gardens 012 Kauffman Gardens 013 Kauffman Gardens 014 Kauffman Gardens 015 Kauffman Gardens 017 Kauffman Gardens 018 Kauffman Gardens 019 Kauffman Gardens 020 Kauffman Gardens 021

Elmer F. Pierson Sculpture Garden Fountain

EF Pierson 001

Location:  Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, 4525 Oak Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  May 6, 2016

This fountain is located in the East Sculpture Terrace on the south side of the Nelson-Atkins Building and was given to the museum by Elmer F. Pierson.  The water bubbles up in the upper-most level and runs and trickles down the various levels until it reaches the basin below.  The water coming up in the top looks no greater than a drinking fountain might put out.  As you can see in the pictures it sits underneath the branches of a tree and during the spring and summer sits mainly in the shade until late afternoon.  There are a few sculptures nearby.

This is an updated post.  The old post had only three pictures and I wanted to update it with more and better pictures.

EF Pierson 002 EF Pierson 003 EF Pierson 004 EF Pierson 005 EF Pierson 006 EF Pierson 007

Erickson Water Garden

Erickson 001

Location:  Overland Park Arboretum, Overland Park, KS

Found:  May 19, 2015

The Erickson Water Garden in the Overland Park Arboretum.  A large pool being fed by a couple of waterfalls.  It is surrounded by plants, flowers and trees plus there is a small sculpture of a boy playing with a toy boat too.  When I visited, the back half of the water garden was cordoned off so I only got to take pictures from the far side of the pool.

The Overland Park Arboretum has a website here.  There are many different themed gardens, walking trails, a large pond, a visitor’s center and many sculptures, some of which are spread out among the gardens and another bunch are in the International Sculpture Garden.  There is a small admission, unless you go on Tuesday when it is free to enter.

Erickson 000 Erickson 002 Erickson 003 Erickson 004 Erickson 005 Erickson 006

Commerce Tower Fountain

Sunken Garden 005

Location:  Commerce Tower, 911 Main Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  April 20, 2014

AKA Commerce Tower Sunken Garden Fountain, AKA Fountain of Good Life

This fountain is in a sunken garden on the south side of the Commerce Tower on Main Street in downtown Kansas City.  There is a staircase leading from the sidewalk on Main Street down into the garden.  Disabled people presumably would have to go into Commerce Tower itself and take an elevator down to the garden and use the tower entrance on the north side of the garden.  There is a deli off the garden to give the weekday downtown workers an option for lunch, which can be seen in most of the pictures.  You can see the staircase leading back up to street level in a couple as well.

The sculpture in the middle of the fountain is in the shape of a lotus blossom and is made out of bronze.  Water shoots up out of the middle and is broken up by the lotus petals.  There are a few benches around the garden for fountain watching or just to rest.  I took the pictures in April so the plants, flowers and trees around the fountain were not in full bloom yet.

Sunken Garden 000 Sunken Garden 001 Sunken Garden 002 Sunken Garden 003 Sunken Garden 004 Sunken Garden 006 Sunken Garden 007 Sunken Garden 008 Sunken Garden 009 Sunken Garden 010

Belinder Court Fountain

Belinder Court 002

Location:  Intersection of Belinder Avenue, Tomahawk Road, West 65th Street and Norwood Street, Mission Hills

Found:  August 24, 2013

In the traffic circle at the intersection of the four streets mentioned above lies this fountain.  There are three children holding a basin in the middle of the fountain.  The fountain itself is in the middle of a diamond-shaped landscaping consisting of plants, flowers, grass, shrubs and trees.  A picture grabbed from Google Maps shows an overhead view of the landscaping.

Belinder Court 001 Belinder Court 003 Belinder Court 004 Belinder Court 005 Belinder Court 006 Belinder Court 007 Belinder Court 008 Belinder Court 009 Belinder Court 010

Laura Conyers Smith Rose Garden Fountain


Location:  Jacob L. Loose Park, West 51st Street and Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO

Found:  August 17, 2013

AKA Loose Park Rose Garden Fountain.  West of Adam and Eve in Loose Park lies the Laura Conyers Smith Memorial Rose Garden.  If you like roses, this is the place to be.  Numerous breeds of roses are planted throughout the garden and in the center lies this fountain.

Conyers 000 Conyers 001 Conyers 003 Conyers 004 Conyers 005 Conyers 006 Conyers 007 Conyers 008 Conyers 009

September 2, 2013 – Removed old pictures.  Added new pictures.

Helen Cuddy Memorial Rose Garden Fountain

Helen Cuddy 001

Location:  Antioch Park, 6501 Antioch Road, Merriam

Found:  July 4, 2013

In the North part of Antioch Park is a rose garden with his fountain at the North end.  You can see this fountain through the trees from Antioch as you drive by.

Helen Cuddy 000a Helen Cuddy 000b Helen Cuddy 000c Helen Cuddy 002 Helen Cuddy 003 Helen Cuddy 004 Helen Cuddy 005 Helen Cuddy 006

August 25, 2013 – Removed the one old picture, added new pictures, edited location

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve 000

Location:  Jacob L. Loose Park, West 51st Street & Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO

Found:  July 27, 2013

It is located in Jacob L. Loose Park between the pavillion and the rose garden.  A rather large structure.  Eve is on the left/West end, Adam is on the right/East.  The wide shot was taken from across the quad.  The memorial plaque, located in the middle of the wall, looks to be a later addition to the structure.

Adam and Eve 002 Adam and Eve 003 Adam and Eve 004 Adam and Eve 005 Adam and Eve 006 Adam and Eve 007 Adam and Eve 000

September 2, 2013 – Removed old pictures, added new pictures.