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Federal Reserve Bank Fountain

Federal Reserve 015

Location:  Federal Reserve Bank, 1 Memorial Drive, Kansas City, MO

Found:  April 13, 2016

The Federal Reserve Bank is south of Crown Center and the Liberty Memorial.  It is across the street from the entrance to the Liberty Memorial.  This fountain sits out in front of the building.    The fountain consists of two pools, two statues and three jets and there is also water flowing out the statues’ bases.  The two statues are of bronze and represent the Spirit of Industry (on the left) and the Spirit of Commerce and were made by the artist Tuck Langland.

There is a Money Museum inside the Federal Reserve Bank.  Judging by signage, be prepared to show a photo ID if/when you enter the building.

The Federal Reserve Bank is closed in the evenings and on the weekends and they have gates at the entrance and exit to keep vehicles out when it is closed.  I do not know for sure if the fountain operates or how receptive they are of walk-up visitors when the building is closed since it is a Federal building.  So, your best bet probably is to visit during a weekday.

Federal Reserve 016 Federal Reserve 001 Federal Reserve 002 Federal Reserve 003 Federal Reserve 004 Federal Reserve 005 Federal Reserve 006 Federal Reserve 007 Federal Reserve 008 Federal Reserve 009 Federal Reserve 010 Federal Reserve 011 Federal Reserve 012 Federal Reserve 013 Federal Reserve 014

Crown Center Christmas

CC-Xmas 002

Location:  2450 Grand Boulevard, Crown Center, Kansas City, MO

Found:  December 19 (night) and December 21 (day), 2015

This was the first time I had ever been at Crown Center at Christmastime and I was not disappointed.  The mayor’s Christmas tree, about 100 feet tall, is the centerpiece of the display.  All the trees are lit up and there are castles and nutcracker statues in place.  I went there with a friend on the evening of the 19th.  It was an overcast day when I returned on the 21st to buy my friend a Christmas present.

All the fountains (Crown Center Square and Crown Center Entrance Fountains) were on.  I don’t know if they run all the time or if it was just because of the above average temperatures Kansas City had in December.

CC-Xmas 001 CC-Xmas 003 CC-Xmas 004 CC-Xmas 005 CC-Xmas 006 CC-Xmas 007 CC-Xmas 008 CC-Xmas 009 CC-Xmas 010 CC-Xmas 011 CC-Xmas 012 CC-Xmas 013 CC-Xmas 014 CC-Xmas 015 CC-Xmas 016 CC-Xmas 017 CC-Xmas 018 CC-Xmas 019 CC-Xmas 020 CC-Xmas 021 CC-Xmas 022 CC-Xmas 023 CC-Xmas 024 CC-Xmas 025 CC-Xmas 026

Liberty Memorial Fountains

Liberty Memorial 001

Location:  National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial, 100 West 26th Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  May 21, 2015

On the north side of the Liberty Memorial, facing Union Station, are these two identical fountains.  They were off all of last year as the Memorial complex was undergoing repairs and renovations.  Today was the first time I have seen them running.  I was unable to get a straight-on picture of the west fountain as there were people sitting on it.

A couple of shots below were taken from up top.  In one of those shots, you can see Union Station and the Henry Wollman Block Memorial Fountain.  Crown Center is to the east.

Liberty Memorial 002 Liberty Memorial 004 Liberty Memorial 005 Liberty Memorial 006 Liberty Memorial 007 Liberty Memorial 008 Liberty Memorial 009 Liberty Memorial 010 Liberty Memorial 011 Liberty Memorial 012 Liberty Memorial 013 Liberty Memorial 014

Sheraton Crown Center Fountain

Sheraton Crown Center 004

Location:  Sheraton at Crown Center Hotel, Crown Center, 2345 McGee Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  September 7, 2013

In the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel at Crown Center is this fountain.  It is the center and focal point of the lobby.  The fountain consists of what looks to be a large granite block with textured sides sitting in the middle of a basin.  Water gently flows out of the top of the block and over the sides into the basin.  The artwork pictured hangs over the lobby above the fountain.

This used to be a Hyatt Regency hotel and the fountain used to be different, without the marble block and with small fountain jets in the middle of the basin.

Sheraton Crown Center 001 Sheraton Crown Center 002 Sheraton Crown Center 003

Henry Wollman Bloch Memorial Fountain

Bloch 002

Location:  Union Station, 30 West Pershing, Kansas City, MO

Found:  July 14, 2013

Located in the traffic circle in front of Union Station, Crown Center is to the East and the Liberty Memorial is to the South.  The fountain puts on a show at every half-hour and hour and a smaller show at the quarter hours.  You can see the Liberty Memorial in the background of one of the pictures below.  One of my personal favorites.  I spent probably close to a half hour just watching it go and taking pictures.

Bloch 001 Bloch 003 Bloch 004 Bloch 005 Bloch 006 Bloch 007 Bloch 008 Bloch 009

September 7, 2013 – Removed old pictures.  Added new pictures.

Westin Crown Center Hotel Lobby Fountain

Westin Crown Center 001

Location:  Westin Hotel, 1 East Pershing Road, Crown Center, Kansas City, MO

Found:  July 14, 2013

Located inside the Westin Hotel at Crown Center.  When you enter the hotel, go through the lobby to the escalators and go up and you will be greeted by the sight of this waterfall.  The rock formations were exposed during construction and were incorporated into the fountain.  A man-made stream runs through the foliage providing the water for the waterfall.  A more detailed description of the falls can be found on the plaque.

Westin Crown Center 000 Westin Crown Center 002 Westin Crown Center 003

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Crown Center Square Fountain

Crown Center Square 002

Location:  2450 Grand Boulevard, Crown Center, Kansas City, MO

Found:  June 30, 2013

The more well-known of the two fountains at Crown Center.  This one sits across the street from the entrance to the Crown Center shopping mall and the Crown Center Entrance Fountain.  The jets cycle to different heights and are synchronized to music.

Despite popular belief, this fountain is not a splash/play area.  The filtration system for the fountain is not designed to handle human and animal interaction.  Also, the surface is made of tile that gets extremely slick when wet.  This is why the fountain is gated off now.

Crown Center Square 001 Crown Center Square 003 Crown Center Square 004 Crown Center Square 005 Crown Center Square 006 Crown Center Square 007 Crown Center Square 008

September 22, 2013 – Removed old pictures.  Added new pictures.  Renamed post to Crown Center Square Fountain.

Crown Center Entrance Fountain

Crown Center Entrance 003

Location:  2450 Grand Boulevard, Crown Center, Kansas City, MO

Found:  June 30, 2013

These two fountains sit at the entrance to the Crown Center shopping mall and are across the street from the Crown Center Fountain.

The photo above was taken from the skywalk over Grand Boulevard.

Crown Center Entrance 001 Crown Center Entrance 002

September 13, 2013 – Removed old photos.  Added new photos.  Added text.

South Garden Reflecting Pool

South Garden 003

Location:  National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial, 100 West 26th Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  July 14, 2013

A tiered fountain and waterfall that flows down to the reflecting pool in front of the entrance to the World War I Museum.  One of the pictures below was taken from above the museum at the Liberty Memorial.

South Garden 001 South Garden 002 South Garden 004 South Garden 005

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Hallmark Corporate Fountain

Hallmark 001

Location:  Hallmark Corporate Headquarters, 2501 McGee Trafficway, Kansas City, MO

Found:  July 27, 2013

The six fountains are up by the entrance.  The water flows down the pools that stretch out and down into the parking lot.  Hallmark’s headquarters are located back from the road, kind of behind a church and South of the main part of Crown Center, although the Hallmark complex does stretch back over to Crown Center.

Hallmark 002 Hallmark 003 Hallmark 004

September 7, 2013 – Removed old pictures.  Added new pictures.  Edited text.