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7101 Tower Fountain

7101 Tower 002

Location:  7101 Tower, 7101 College Boulevard, Overland Park, KS

Found:  June 18, 2014

The 7101 Tower is located on the southwest corner of the intersection of Metcalf Avenue and College Boulevard.  You can’t miss the stark, dark-coloured building rising up at this location.  During the month of December, this building is notable for creating a giant holiday wreath by lighting up certain offices in green and red lights at night.  The wreath can be seen by travellers on I-435, about a block and a half north of the building.  The fountain is located in the pond in front of the building.

7101 Tower 003 7101 Tower 001

Teva Waterfall

Teva 001

Location: Teva Building, 11100 Nall Avenue (Nall Avenue and College Avenue), Leawood

Found:  June 15, 2014

Teva Pharmaceuticals completed this building last summer.  The most eye-catching feature of the new building is the large waterfall that sits in front of the building and faces the intersection of College and Nall in Leawood.

Be careful when taking pictures.  There is a sidewalk between the building and the top of the waterfall, from which I shot some of the pictures below.  However, I caught the eye of a security guard while I was taking those pictures and he came out to find out what I was doing.  When I told him, after he asked, it was just a personal hobby, he seemed OK with it.  He said that people had been using the waterfall for things like wedding pictures and group/party photos and the owners do not appreciate people doing that without arranging it beforehand.  If it’s just you and you stick to the sidewalks out by the streets, he said they’re not going to pay much attention to you, if any.  It was only because I came up to the building that they decided to see what I was up to.

Teva 002 Teva 003 Teva 004 Teva 005 Teva 006 Teva 007 Teva 008


Molamphy Memorial Fountain

Molamphy 002

Location:  Richard J. Molamphy Park, West 110th Street and Conser Avenue, Overland Park, KS

Found:  June 15, 2014

Back behind the Lighton Towers off College Avenue is this little park named after Richard J. Molamphy, who was an important figure in the history of Overland Park and, especially, the growth of this area of Overland Park.  In the middle of the fountain is a sculpture entitled “Spirit of Dick Molamphy” by Arlie Regier.

On the west side of the fountain is a pergola structure with some benches to sit and admire the fountain.  The pergola is painted white and is usually noticed first as you drive on Conser from either direction.  Last summer, I was here and there were flowers planted around the fountain next to the brick ring.  This year it just looked to be mulched.  Whether flowers are coming later in the summer, I do not know.

Molamphy 000a Molamphy 000b Molamphy 000c Molamphy 001 Molamphy 003 Molamphy 004 Molamphy 005 Molamphy 006 Molamphy 007 Molamphy 008

Tomahawk Pointe Fountain

Tomahawk Pointe 004

Location:  Tomahawk Pointe Office Park, 3400 College Boulevard, Leawood

Found:  October 12, 2013

In front of the Creative Planning building on the northwest corner of the intersection of College Boulevard and Tomahawk Creek Parkway.  It was dyed pink for breast cancer awareness like a number of other fountains in the city during the month of October.

Tomahawk Pointe 001 Tomahawk Pointe 002 Tomahawk Pointe 003

Lighton Plaza Pond Fountains

Lighton Pond I

Location:  Lighton Towers, 7500 College Boulevard, Overland Park

Found:  August 10, 2013

There are three ponds around the Lighton Towers and each pond has a fountain in it.

Lighton Pond II Lighton Pond III

August 25, 2013 – Removed 2 pictures due to smudgyness and an appearance from my finger across the lens.  Added new pictures of those two fountains.  Removed reference to my finger in a picture in the text.

Lighton Plaza Fountain

Lighton Plaza 001

Location:  Lighton Towers, 7500 College Boulevard, Overland Park

Found:  August 10, 2013

Fountain located in front of the Lighton Towers off of College Boulevard in Overland Park.  In the background of one of the bottom pictures, you can see one of the Lighton Pond Fountains.

Lighton Plaza 002 Lighton Plaza 003 Lighton Plaza 004 Lighton Plaza 005

August 25, 2013 – Removed top picture due to appearance of my finger over the lens.  Added new top picture.

October 20, 2013 – Removed all old pictures.  Added new pictures.