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Children’s Fountain – Renovated

Childrens Ren 002

Location:   Children’s Fountain Park, N Oak Trafficway and NE 32nd Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  April 14, 2016

The Children’s Fountain, like the Volker Fountain, was the recipient of some well-needed repairs and renovations.  The six sculptures of children, by the artist Tom Corbin, were removed and cleaned up while the fountain itself got some repairs and the basin was painted a lighter colour than before and it makes a world of difference in the appearance.  The fountain now seems brighter and happier and it is a sight to see with all the water jets running.

The original post can be found here.

Childrens Ren 000a Childrens Ren 000b Childrens Ren 000c Childrens Ren 000d Childrens Ren 001 Childrens Ren 003 Childrens Ren 004 Childrens Ren 005 Childrens Ren 006 Childrens Ren 007 Childrens Ren 008 Childrens Ren 009 Childrens Ren 010 Childrens Ren 011 Childrens Ren 012 Childrens Ren 013 Childrens Ren 014 Childrens Ren 015 Childrens Ren 016 Childrens Ren 017 Childrens Ren 018 Childrens Ren 019 Childrens Ren 020 Childrens Ren 021 Childrens Ren 022 Childrens Ren 023 Childrens Ren 024 Childrens Ren 025 Childrens Ren 026 Childrens Ren 027 Childrens Ren 028 Childrens Ren 029 Childrens Ren 030 Childrens Ren 031 Childrens Ren 032


JC Nichols Memorial Fountain – Renovated

JCRen 002

Location:  Mill Creek Park, West 47th Street and JC Nichols Parkway, Kansas City, MO

Found:  April 26, 2015

You can read my original post on this fountain here.  You can read about the renovation here.

The JC Nichols Memorial Fountain was in dire need of repairs.  This fountain is an icon of Kansas City and it has been renovated and looks fabulous!  The fourth original missing dolphin was found and put in its proper place in the fountain.  The “replacement” dolphin is now a sculpture piece sitting northeast of the fountain proper along with a placard telling the story of the missing dolphin and the renovation.

Even if you saw it in the past, it is definitely worth going back and looking at it.  I cannot emphasize enough how great it looks now.  It looks almost brand-new now!

JCRen 000 JCRen 001 JCRen 003 JCRen 004 JCRen 005 JCRen 006 JCRen 007 JCRen 008 JCRen 009 JCRen 010 JCRen 011 JCRen 012 JCRen 000b JCRen 013 JCRen 014 JCRen015


Brookwood Fountain

Brookwood 004

Location:  Brookwood Road and State Line Road, Mission Hills, Kansas

Found:  September 8, 2013 (original), July 4, 2014 (update)

This neighborhood fountain is located on an island on Brookwood Road at State Line Road.  Fountain consists of three children standing on a pedestal around a column.  A bowl sits on top of the column and the water bubbles out of the fountain in the bowl and then overflows down to the rectangular basin below.

I originally visited this site on September 8, 2013 but the fountain was not running at that time.   On July 4, 2014, I visited again and found the fountain to be operating.  I took all new pictures and updated this post to reflect the fountain in operation.

Brookwood 001 Brookwood 002 Brookwood 003 Brookwood 005 Brookwood 006 Brookwood 007 Brookwood 008

Kids at Heart Fountain

Kids at Heart 001

Location:  Hartley’s Plaza, 107 SE 3rd Street (about a half block east of Douglas Street), Lee’s Summit, MO

Found:  June 21, 2014

The sculpture in this fountain is Kids at Heart by Kwan Wu and it represents the first public art installation in Lee’s Summit.  The sculpture shows three children playing in the water, complete with fish and frogs.  The fountains shoot the water at the sculpture completing the scene.

The fountain sits in what is known at Hartley’s Plaza and was one of the final steps in a revitalization project of Hartley’s Block, the history of which can be read on the “newspapers” along the back wall.

The heart used to be a part of a business that was located at the corner of 3rd and Douglas.  It now resides in the plaza and represents the “heart” of downtown Lee’s Summit.

Kids at Heart 000a Kids at Heart 002 Kids at Heart 003 Kids at Heart 004 Kids at Heart 005 Kids at Heart 006 Kids at Heart 007 Kids at Heart 008 Kids at Heart 009 Kids at Heart 000b Kids at Heart 000c Kids at Heart 000d Kids at Heart 000e

Boy with Frog

Boy with Frog 004

Location:  Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead, 13800 Switzer Road, Overland Park

Found:  September 1, 2013

This waterfall fountain is named after the sculpture “Boy with Frog” sitting near the top.  It is located inside the Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead near the east entrance.  There is an entrance fee of $2 if you visit on the weekend.

Boy with Frog 000 Boy with Frog 001 Boy with Frog 002 Boy with Frog 003

Thousand Oaks Waterfall

Thousand Oaks 001

Location:  Thousand Oaks Addition, NW Brink Myer Road and N Nevada Avenue, Parkville

Found:  August 31, 2013

At the entrance to the Thousand Oaks addition in Parkville sits this large and elaborate waterfall fountain surrounded by landscaping and three stone benches.  In the middle of the pool there is a sculpture of four children and a dog walking across a log.  There are numerous waterfalls at different levels.  I would estimate it is 12 to 15 feet tall in the middle of the structure.

Thousand Oaks 004 Thousand Oaks 003 Thousand Oaks 002

Belinder Court Fountain

Belinder Court 002

Location:  Intersection of Belinder Avenue, Tomahawk Road, West 65th Street and Norwood Street, Mission Hills

Found:  August 24, 2013

In the traffic circle at the intersection of the four streets mentioned above lies this fountain.  There are three children holding a basin in the middle of the fountain.  The fountain itself is in the middle of a diamond-shaped landscaping consisting of plants, flowers, grass, shrubs and trees.  A picture grabbed from Google Maps shows an overhead view of the landscaping.

Belinder Court 001 Belinder Court 003 Belinder Court 004 Belinder Court 005 Belinder Court 006 Belinder Court 007 Belinder Court 008 Belinder Court 009 Belinder Court 010

Children’s Fountain

Childrens Fountain 001

Location:  Children’s Fountain Park, North Oak Trafficway and NE 32nd Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  August 18, 2013

One of the largest fountains in Kansas City.  This fountain contains six sculptures of children playing that the sculptor based off of children that lived in his neighborhood.  It is located in the small park formed by North Oak Trafficway, NE 32nd and Burlington Street.  There is parking available on 32nd Street that gives easy access to the fountain.

Childrens Fountain 000 Childrens Fountain 002 Childrens Fountain 003 Childrens Fountain 004 Childrens Fountain 005 Childrens Fountain 006 Childrens Fountain 007 Childrens Fountain 008 Childrens Fountain 009 Childrens Fountain 010 Childrens Fountain 011 Childrens Fountain 012

Children at Play Wall Fountain

Children at Play 001

Location:  4706 Broadway, Country Club Plaza, Kansas City, MO

Found:  August 17, 2013

A small wall fountain featuring three children playing around the head of a bearded man.  Water flows out of a vase held by the children and into the pool below.

Children at Play 002

September 2, 2013 – Removed old pictures, added new pictures

Meyer Circle Sea Horse Fountain

Meyer Circle 001

Location:  Ward Parkway and West Meyer Boulevard, Kansas City, MO

Found:  July 5, 2013

Lots of detail.  Lots of water.  Fountain is named after the three mythological sea horses that are found in the statue in the middle of the fountain.  Careful getting to this fountain.  This is a busy traffic circle and there are cars moving around it constantly and you have park on one of the side streets.  The Ward Parkway Mirror Pool Fountain is about 2-3 blocks north of here.

Meyer Circle 002 Meyer Circle 003 Meyer Circle 004 Meyer Circle 005 Meyer Circle 006 Meyer Circle 007 Meyer Circle 008 Meyer Circle 009 Meyer Circle 010

September 2, 2013 – Removed old pictures.  Added new pictures.  Edited text.