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Brush Creek Waterfalls

Brush Creek Waterfall 001

Location:  Brush Creek at Country Club Plaza, Kansas City, MO

Found:  May 12, 2016

One of several waterfalls on Brush Creek through Country Club Plaza and points east.  The particular waterfall in the pictures is the one located near Jefferson Street at the west end of the Plaza.  Walking paths on both sides of the creek lead up to and near this waterfall.  Access to other falls along the channel may vary.

Brush Creek Waterfall 002 Brush Creek Waterfall 003 Brush Creek Waterfall 004 Brush Creek Waterfall 005 Brush Creek Waterfall 006

Spirit of Freedom Fountain

Spirit of Freedom 001

Location:  Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard and Cleveland Avenue, Kansas City, MO

Found:  September 21, 2013 (original), May 12, 2016 (update)

This fountain is located in a park on Brush Creek at the intersection of the roads indicated above.  It is across the creek from the Hillside Fountain, which you can see in the background of the above picture.  The sculpture on top of the fountain weighs about 5,000 pounds and can be see from the path on the opposite side of the creek, as seen in the last picture below.   The water comes out from underneath the sculpture and cascades down the sides of pyramid-shaped base.  There are a total of six jets in the surrounding pools.

The park has no dedicated parking so you will have to park at the Bruce R. Watkins Heritage Center to the south and or the recreation center across Cleveland Avenue to the east and walk over to the fountain.

I took a new set of pictures although I kept the old picture from across the creek that’s mentioned above and was taken on the original date.  When I first visited this fountain there was a group of geese there and they made getting around the fountain a little difficult so I wanted to get new and better pictures.  You can see the difference in cameras used by comparing the last picture and the other pictures.

Spirit of Freedom 002 Spirit of Freedom 003 Spirit of Freedom 004 Spirit of Freedom 005 Spirit of Freedom 006 Spirit of Freedom 007 Spirit of Freedom 008 Spirit of Freedom 009 Spirit of Freedom 010 Spirit of Freedom 011 Spirit of Freedom 012 Spirit of Freedom 013 Spirit of Freedom 014

William Volker Memorial Fountain & Waterfall

Volker Ren 039

Location:  Theis Park, Volker Boulevard and Oak Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  April 12, 2016

As part of the 2016 Fountain Day ceremony, the repaired and renovated William Volker Memorial Fountain was dedicated.  Not only is the fountain and the sculptures contained within repaired and renovated, the waterfall is now operational.

You can read my original post about the fountain here and use that post to compare and contrast the changes and renovations made to the fountain.

The waterfall had not run for many years.  It was originally designed to use water out of Brush Creek, which as many Kansas Citians know, is not the cleanest source of water.  Over the years, the silt and mud (and whatever else got sucked into the fountain) mucked up and clogged up the plumbing and filtration system faster than it could be cleaned out eventually rendering the waterfall inoperable.  But now, everything is fixed and working and it looks great.

The fountain up top also got repaired and renovated.  The basins were redone to replace cracking and leaking materials.  The bases for the sculptures were redone.  The sculptures were removed from the site and while gone were repaired and cleaned up and they made their return on April 7.  The water spouts and jets now shoot higher.

Everything looks great and as good as new now!

Volker Ren 000 Volker Ren 000a Volker Ren 001 Volker Ren 002 Volker Ren 003 Volker Ren 004 Volker Ren 005 Volker Ren 006 Volker Ren 007 Volker Ren 008 Volker Ren 009 Volker Ren 010 Volker Ren 011 Volker Ren 012 Volker Ren 013 Volker Ren 014 Volker Ren 015 Volker Ren 016 Volker Ren 017 Volker Ren 018 Volker Ren 019 Volker Ren 020 Volker Ren 021 Volker Ren 022 Volker Ren 023 Volker Ren 024 Volker Ren 025 Volker Ren 026 Volker Ren 027 Volker Ren 028 Volker Ren 029 Volker Ren 030 Volker Ren 031 Volker Ren 032 Volker Ren 033 Volker Ren 034 Volker Ren 035 Volker Ren 036 Volker Ren 037 Volker Ren 038 Volker Ren 039

William Volker Memorial Fountain

Volker 002

Location:  Theis Park, Volker Boulevard and Oak Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  April 20, 2014

Located at the south end of Theis Park along Brush Creek facing Volker Boulevard.  From this location, you can see the Nelson-Atkins Museum to the north along with two of the shuttlecocks.

The sculpture in the center is of St. Martin of Tours, a patron saint of France, on horseback about to share his coat with the beggar below.  Around the saint and the beggar are an angel sitting, a confused faun and a flying angel.  The artist who created the sculptures had a sense of humor as the seated angel is wearing a wristwatch and the flying angel is holding its flute backwards.

Behind the fountain is the Brush Creek Waterfall which is currently not running.  I am not sure if it is operable or not.  I could swear I read somewhere that it is needed repairs.  Should it get repairs and/or I find it running, I will remove those pictures from this page and create its own page.

Volker 000 Volker 000a Volker 001 Volker 003 Volker 004 Volker 005 Volker 006 Volker 007 Volker 008 Volker 009 Volker 010 Volker 011 Volker 012 Volker 013 Volker 014 Volker 015 Volker 016 Volker 017


Hillside Fountain

Hillside Fountain 003

Location:  Cleveland Avenue and Blue Parkway, behind the Bruce R. Watkins Heritage Center, Kansas City, MO

Found:  September 21, 2013

AKA Bruce R. Watkins Hillside Waterfall.

This large waterfall fountain is on Brush Creek where it runs behind the Bruce R. Watkins Heritage Center.  The picture above and the first one below were both taken from the opposite side of Brush Creek.  The Brush Creek trails run right by the waterfall and the last two pictures were taken at the base at the path.  It is across Brush Creek from the Spirit of Freedom Fountain, the sculpture of which is easily visible from the base of the waterfall.

In order to get to the trail, you will have to cross Cleveland Avenue to the east and follow path down to the creek and walk under the Cleveland Avenue bridge to reach the waterfall.  There is someone living under the bridge up near the abutment so don’t be surprised if you hear someone under there.

Hillside Fountain 001 Hillside Fountain 002 Hillside Fountain 004

Brush Creek Fountains

Brush Creek 001

Location:  Brush Creek along Ward Parkway, Country Club Plaza, Kansas City, MO

Found:  July 20, 2013

Geyser-type fountains located in Brush Creek.  There are a total of three, but I only got pictures of two.  The one above is located near the gondola dock.  The one below was taken from the gondola dock looking East at one of the others.  The third is even further East.

Brush Creek 002