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Cedar Creek Falls

Cedar Creek Falls 009

Location:  Lake Olathe, W Dennis Ave (or W 143th Street) and S Wardcliff Drive, Olathe, KS

Found:  July 10, 2016

This natural waterfall is located on the south side of Dennis Avenue (or 143rd Street, whichever you prefer, but the street signs say Dennis in this area) where Cedar Creek empties into Lake Olathe at the south end of the lake.  The Dennis Avenue bridge crosses over the south end of the lake and you can see the falls as you drive by.  The falls were running pretty good this day as I’m sure all the recent rains are keeping the creeks flowing.

It is a popular fishing area in that the pool where Cedar Creek empties into is easily accessible.  There are large rocks down to the lake’s edge on the east side.  As you can see in a couple of pictures, there was a man and his two kids fishing the day I took the photos.  Do be careful though, it is uneven terrain.

There is a small turnout on the southeast end of the bridge, but if someone is already there fishing that spot may be taken and it’s big enough for maybe two vehicles, depending on how they parked.  There is a driveway to nowhere a little west of bridge on the south side, but there was someone parked there the day I was there.  If you go a little further west of the bridge, on the north side there is what looks to be a camping area, that may or may not be used anymore as there were no signs anywhere, that you can pull into.  It is maybe a quarter-mile away, if that far, and you will have to cross the road to get to the waterfall.

Cedar Creek Falls 001 Cedar Creek Falls 002 Cedar Creek Falls 003 Cedar Creek Falls 004 Cedar Creek Falls 005 Cedar Creek Falls 006 Cedar Creek Falls 007 Cedar Creek Falls 008


Unity Village

Unity Village 014

Location:  1901 NW Blue Parkway, Unity Village, MO

Found:  June 21, 2014

The fountains of Unity Village stretch out the length of a football field and takes up over 14,000 square feet.  There is a large fountain at the west end that have jets of water meeting together in the middle of circular formations.  The east end has a big fountain basin where water bubbles up out of the top and cascades down to the basin below.  In between are fountains and pools.  In the middle of it all is the Bridge of Faith.  There are also gardens located along the walking paths and among the pools.  There are nine other separate fountains located throughout the Unity Village campus but this fountain is the most well-known and is the centerpiece of the campus.

The Unity Village Tower, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, is located to the north.  It is surrounded by a path and a prayer garden.

If you go to the website for Unity Village you can find a streaming webcam for the fountains and various pages on the history of Unity Village, the fountains and the tower, as well as what Unity Village stands for and why it was founded.

Unity Village is just north of Lee’s Summit on the other side of I-470.

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