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Roe Highlands Fountain

Roe Highlands 007

Location:  4970 Roe Avenue, Roeland Park, KS

Found:  June 24, 2016

Roe Highlands is an addition in Roeland Park that features both residential and commercial properties.  The commercial property is a shopping center that features a Lowe’s and Price Chopper among others.

This fountain sits next to the US Bank in the shopping center.  It has a square stone-covered basin with eight pillars of varying heights within it.  The pillars look like they are made of concrete.  There are eight to ten water jets at the bottom of the basin that shoot to the same height, although a couple of them weren’t working quite right the day I took the pictures.

There is a sidewalk running next to the property and a couple of benches on the north side of the fountain (opposite the bank) for sitting and watching the fountain and the world go by.

To get to this fountain, you will pass the Roe Highlands Entrance Fountains.

Roe Highlands 001 Roe Highlands 002 Roe Highlands 003 Roe Highlands 004 Roe Highlands 006 Roe Highlands 005 Roe Highlands 008 Roe Highlands 009 Roe Highlands 010


Roe Highlands Entrance Fountains

Roe Highlands Enter 001

Location:  Roe Avenue and Access Road, Roeland Park, KS

Found:  June 24, 2016

Roe Highlands is an addition in Roeland Park that features both residential and commercial properties.  The commercial property is a shopping center that features a Lowe’s and Price Chopper among others.

These twin fountains with differently-shaped basins flank the entrance to the shopping center.  The one of the south side is built into the hill at the base of the Cricket Wireless store.  The one on the north side is free standing and features a hexagonal basin.  Both fountains are stone-covered and fairly tall.  Eight feet maybe.  Each has three fountains at the top and then the water flows over the edge and falls down to the basin below.  The stones are rough and uneven and creates different effects and splash-patterns as the water falls over them.

There is another separate fountain, the Roe Highlands Fountain, sitting next to the US Bank in the shopping center.

Roe Highlands Enter 002 Roe Highlands Enter 003 Roe Highlands Enter 004 Roe Highlands Enter 005 Roe Highlands Enter 006 Roe Highlands Enter 007 Roe Highlands Enter 008 Roe Highlands Enter 009 Roe Highlands Enter 010 Roe Highlands Enter 011 Roe Highlands Enter 012 Roe Highlands Enter 013 Roe Highlands Enter 014 Roe Highlands Enter 015 Roe Highlands Enter 016

Ridgeview Falls

Ridgeview Falls 005

Location:  W 119th Street and Ridgeview Road, Olathe, KS

Found:  June 12, 2016

The Ridgeview Falls addition is a collection of businesses and restaurants at the corner of 119th and Ridgeview.  This waterfall looms above what would be an otherwise boring drainage basin.  There is a large pergola-like structure next to the CoreFirst Bank at the top of the waterfall and just off the parking lot.

If you decide to visit, note that the drainage basin has a fence almost all the way around it to keep people from falling off the top of the retaining wall.  It is open at the intersection though.  Also, since it is a drainage basin, it could be wet and muddy.  So, watch your step if you go walking out into it.

Ridgeview Falls 009 Ridgeview Falls 001 Ridgeview Falls 002 Ridgeview Falls 003 Ridgeview Falls 004 Ridgeview Falls 006 Ridgeview Falls 007 Ridgeview Falls 008

Federal Reserve Bank Fountain

Federal Reserve 015

Location:  Federal Reserve Bank, 1 Memorial Drive, Kansas City, MO

Found:  April 13, 2016

The Federal Reserve Bank is south of Crown Center and the Liberty Memorial.  It is across the street from the entrance to the Liberty Memorial.  This fountain sits out in front of the building.    The fountain consists of two pools, two statues and three jets and there is also water flowing out the statues’ bases.  The two statues are of bronze and represent the Spirit of Industry (on the left) and the Spirit of Commerce and were made by the artist Tuck Langland.

There is a Money Museum inside the Federal Reserve Bank.  Judging by signage, be prepared to show a photo ID if/when you enter the building.

The Federal Reserve Bank is closed in the evenings and on the weekends and they have gates at the entrance and exit to keep vehicles out when it is closed.  I do not know for sure if the fountain operates or how receptive they are of walk-up visitors when the building is closed since it is a Federal building.  So, your best bet probably is to visit during a weekday.

Federal Reserve 016 Federal Reserve 001 Federal Reserve 002 Federal Reserve 003 Federal Reserve 004 Federal Reserve 005 Federal Reserve 006 Federal Reserve 007 Federal Reserve 008 Federal Reserve 009 Federal Reserve 010 Federal Reserve 011 Federal Reserve 012 Federal Reserve 013 Federal Reserve 014

Harvester KC

Harvester 001

Location:  UMB Bank, 1010 Grand Boulevard, Kansas City, MO

Found:  September 11, 2014

This fountain is based around the sculpture “Harvester KC” by Nancy Graves, which depicts typical midwestern items.  It is located in the open-air courtyard of the UMB Bank Building in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.  It is accessible by the open-air entrance to the courtyard at the corner of 11th Street & Walnut Street (The building’s actual address is 1010 Grand Boulevard).  The sculpture and fountain are in a straight-line view once you enter the walkway to the courtyard.  There are 14 small water jets in the pavement in front of the sculpture and the water drains back down through the the pavement squares.

Harvester 002 Harvester 003 Harvester 004 Harvester 005 Harvester 006 Harvester 007

Capitol Federal Plaza Fountain

CapFed 001

Location:  Capitol Federal Savings Bank, 5501 Johnson Drive, Mission

Found:  April 26, 2014

At the corner of Johnson Drive and Nall Avenue in Mission.  The multi-hued blue tiling gives a nice contrast to the surrounding concrete and ties in nicely with the main building.

CapFed 002 CapFeb 003 CapFed 004 CapFed 005 CapFed 006 CapFed 007