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Briarcliff City Apartments Fountain

Briarcliff Apartment 003

Location:  Briarcliff City Apartments, 3880 N Mulberry Drive, Kansas City, MO

Found:  May 30, 2016

This fountain is in a traffic circle at the entrance to the Briarcliff City Apartments and is up the hill from the Briarcliff Hilltop Fountain.  A fairly basic fountain here.  Water bubbles out of the very top of the fountain and cascades down as it overflows each basin.  The traffic circle is well landscaped with shrubs and flowers.

Briarcliff Apartment 001 Briarcliff Apartment 002 Briarcliff Apartment 004 Briarcliff Apartment 005 Briarcliff Apartment 006 Briarcliff Apartment 007 Briarcliff Apartment 008

Newport Apartment Fountain

Newport 001

Location:  Newport Apartment, 3536 Baltimore Avenue, Kansas City, MO

Found:  April 13, 2016

This fountain’s origins have kind of been lost to time.  It used to be located in the rose garden at the old St. Joseph Hospital (I believe that was located at Linwood & Prospect).  It was relocated to the Newport Apartment building around 1980.  Due to its similarity to the Intercity Horse Trough Fountain, it is assumed that it was originally built as a horse trough fountain but when and where are unknown.

At the Newport Apartment, it has been used as a planter.  In the photos, you can see that it is full of soil.  The little statue on top of the fountain was added after it was moved to its current location.  The water elements are no longer intact.

Newport 002 Newport 003 Newport 004 Newport 005 Newport 006

Gramercy Park Fountain

Gramercy 001

Location:  Gramercy Park Condominiums, West 95th Street and Perry Lane, Overland Park, KS

Found:  August 17, 2014

At the corner of West 95th and Perry Lane sits this fountain.  It is part of the Gramercy Park Condos property.  A plaque on the fountain is in memory of Irv Heinson, who was the chairman of the fountain restoration project and a board member of the Gramercy Park Homes Association.

The fountain is surrounded by a brick pool.  There are some trees planted in adjoining brick planters.  A path goes back behind the fountain and there are a couple of benches on which you can sit and watch the fountain and the constant traffic on West 95th.

Gramercy 000 Gramercy 002 Gramercy 003 Gramercy 004

Parkway Towers Fountain

Parkway Towers 002

Location:  Parkway Towers, 4545 Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO

Found:  October 12, 2013

In front of the Parkway Towers Condominiums, about a block north of County Club Plaza.

Parkway Towers 001 Parkway Towers 003

Pointe Royal Fountains

Pointe Royal 001

Location:  Pointe Royal Town Homes, West 123rd Street and Antioch, Overland Park

Found:  August 25, 2013

Formerly the location of a unique fountain that consisted of three large blue pyramids.  However, I was told they were removed about six years or so ago for reasons unknown to the person I communicated with.  In their place are these water spouts in a pond.  The pond is kind of odd in that the surface is at about the same elevation as Antioch Road but it is much higher than West 123rd.  You can barely see the tops of fountain sprays from West 123rd as you move East from Antioch.

Pointe Royal 002 Pointe Royal 003

Three Lakes Apartments Fountain

Three Lakes 001

Location:  Three Lakes Apartments, 12100 Willow Lane, Overland Park

Found:  August 25, 2013

A fountain in one of the lakes in the Three Lakes Apartment complex.  Really a lake in name only, Three Ponds Apartments just doesn’t have a good ring to it.  Anyway, this is the lake nearest Willow Lane and can be easily seen as you drive by.

Three Lakes 002

Meadows Fountain

Meadows 001

Location:  The Meadows Apartments, 7620 Halsey, Shawnee

Found:  August 25, 2013

This fountain is in a traffic circle in front of The Meadows Apartments complex.  The complex is on the West side of Quivira Road north of the intersection with West 77th Street.

Meadows 002 Meadows 003

Jefferson Pointe Fountain

Jefferson Pointe 001

Location:  Jefferson Pointe Apartments, 11810 Farley, Overland Park

Found:  August 25, 2013

At the corner of Farley and West 119th Street is the entrance to the Jefferson Pointe Luxury Apartments complex.  This fountain sits on the northwest corner of the intersection.  There is a fountain on top and a few waterfalls that let the water flow to the bottom basin.  The day the picture was taken the water was dyed blue for some cause I am not aware of right now.

Jefferson Pointe 002 Jefferson Pointe 003

On October 6, 2013, the water was dyed pink for breast cancer awareness.

Jefferson Pointe 004 Jefferson Pointe 005 Jefferson Pointe 006 Jefferson Pointe 007 Jefferson Pointe 008

Greenbrier Fountain

Greenbrier 002

Location:  Greenbriar Addition, Santa Fe Drive and Greenbrier Drive, Overland Park

Found:  August 10, 2013

About a block northeast of the Overland Park City Hall at the entrance to the Greenbrier Addition in Overland Park.

Greenbrier 001 Greenbrier 003

October 6, 2013 – Removed old pictures.  Added new pictures.