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Zona Rosa Pop Fountain

Zona Rosa Play 005

Location:  Zona Rosa, Kansas City, MO

Found:  May 5, 2016

AKA Zona Rosa Play Fountain, Zona Rosa Splash Pad

This fountain is in the Town Square of the Zona Rosa Town Center shopping area.  This type of fountain is meant to be played in (as opposed to the Crown Center Square Fountain, which isn’t) and during the summer months, when it is on, it gets used for that.  It consists of a number of water jets set in a concrete pad with drains set around the pad.  All of the jets were not working when I took the pictures but I do not know if that is due to a malfunction or intentional.

I have been out to Zona Rosa 6-8 times trying to get photos of all the fountains.  I think the very first time I was there, this fountain was on and running but it was a Saturday afternoon and there was a big to-do going on in Town Square so there were a lot of people and merchant booths and what-not in the square as well as a lot of children playing in this fountain.  That made taking pictures of the fountain very difficult.  Until today, I had not seen this fountain running since that first visit.  These pictures were taken around 11am on a weekday.  It was fairly deserted and I was easily able to get these pictures.

Zona Rosa Play 001 Zona Rosa Play 002 Zona Rosa Play 003 Zona Rosa Play 004 Zona Rosa Play 006 Zona Rosa Play 007 Zona Rosa Play 008 Zona Rosa Play 009