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Waterfall Park – Merriam

Waterfall Park 003

Location:  Waterfall Park, 5191 Merriam Lane, Merriam, KS

Found:  June 28, 2015

OK.  I’m cheating a bit.  This is most definitely not a fountain, but it is a neat and easily accessible waterfall tucked away in Merriam.

Waterfall Park is part of Merriam’s Turkey Creek Streamway Trail.  It is named after it’s most prominent feature.  There are a couple of athletic fields in the park as well as an access point to the trail.  There is an overlook for the waterfall that has a bench you can sit on and watch the waterfall or the trains on the tracks across Turkey Creek or traffic on I-35 beyond the tracks.  There are levels of cut limestone that one can climb/walk down to get closer pictures and closer to the creek itself if the water level is not too high.

This was not the first time I had ever been here but the first time I have visited since I decided to add it to the site.  The entire trail system down to 67th Street is worth at least one walkthrough as it winds through downtown Merriam and features a nice walking trail.  Ducks and geese are often found in the creek.

Waterfall Park 001 Waterfall Park 002