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Travelers Fountain

Travelers 007

Location:  Travelers Insurance, 7465 W 132nd Street, Overland Park, KS

Found:  April 22, 2016

This fountain sits in front of the Travelers Insurance building on W 132nd.  The fountain has three pillars or towers (whatever you want to call them) of different heights made out of what looks to be granite.  Water comes out of the top of each pillar as well as through a ring around the edge of the basin and a jet in the very middle.

This fountain is about 2 blocks south of the Southcreek Business Park and is identical to the fountains located there except with a different colour scheme.  The grey and black of this fountain actually ties into the Travelers building nicely.

There was water coming out of the valve on the building side of the fountain, you can see it in the third picture below) and it was making the area around the fountain very soggy.  I don’t know if this was being done on purpose or not.  It was not like that when I was out there a couple of days ago.

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