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Thomas H. Swope Memorial Fountain

Swope 011

Location:  Swope Memorial Golf Course, Swope Park, Kansas City, MO

Found:  September 14, 2013

If you follow Swope Memorial Drive as far North as it goes, you get to a circular parking lot next to Swope Memorial Golf Course.  Coursing northwest off this circle is a stone path that leads down to the Thomas H. Swope Memorial.  Thomas H. Swope, who donated the large amount of land, around 1300 acres but the park is now 1805 acres,  for the park that bears his name, is buried at this site which contains the fountain, which is 6 feet tall, and the memorial just to the east of it.  The fountain is on the edge of an overlook and you can see most of the park from here.  In the distance you can see the tops of the Starlight Theatre building and you can see the 178-foot tall Jacob Loose Memorial Flagpole, which is on the opposite side of the park, from here.

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