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Terry Barnes Memorial Fountain

Barnes 001

Location:  William Jewell College, Liberty, MO

Found:  May 13, 2015

This fountain is located at the entrance of William Jewell College in Liberty at the intersection of E Mill Street and R.E. Bowles Drive.  The fountain is a memorial for Terry Barnes, a 1989 graduate of William Jewell.  It was a gift to the college from family and friends of Barnes and was installed in the spring on 2000.

The fountain consists of an almost complete circle of water jets.  The opening in the circle allows people to walk into the fountain while it is running.  There is a pedestal in the middle with “Terry Barnes Memorial Fountain” inscribed around it.  You can even sit on the pedestal in the middle of the fountain if you want.  For those not wanting to venture into the fountain, there are a couple of standard benches on the north side of the fountain.

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