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Swanson Center Fountain

Swanson 006

Location:  Swanson Center, 11413 Ash Street, Leawood, KS

Found:  June 15, 2014

I was going through my photos and surveys for public art installations and I came across this fountain that I had forgotten about.  This will explain why the Found date is 2014 and the publish date and picture watermark is 2016.

This fountain is near the front entrance of the Swanson Center for Cosmetic & Laser Surgery.  The Swanson Center is just off Town Center Drive in Leawood and is the first side street east of Nall Avenue.

It is a round basin about 10 feet in diameter with a fountain ring inside of it.  The bronze sculpture entitled “Flight” by Kirsten Kokkin sits on top of a small concrete pedestal in the middle of the basin.

Swanson 000 Swanson 001 Swanson 002 Swanson 003 Swanson 004 Swanson 005 Swanson 007