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Stratford Gardens Park Fountain

Stratford Gardens 001

Location:  West 63rd Street and State Line Road, Kansas City, MO

Found:  September 8, 2013

Fountain is found on a triangular island between West 62nd Street and West 63rd Street just east of State Line Road.  Consists of a large antique horse trough attached to a wall with a smaller trough affixed to the wall above it.  This fountain is currently inoperable.  You can see the plumbing on the back of the wall though so perhaps some effort has been made to try and get it running again.  The picture on the Foundation website has the fountain full of flowers and plants, which may be what the containers, in one of the pictures below, are used for.  This fountain is one block west of the Ward Parkway Mirror Pool.

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Stratford Gardens 002 Stratford Gardens 003