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Sprint World Headquarters

Sprint 001

Location:  Sprint World Headquarters, 6200 Sprint Parkway, Overland Park, KS

Found:  April 30, 2016

The Sprint World Headquarters is located near the intersection of West 119th Street and Nall Avenue.  The headquarters is actually a campus consisting of 17 buildings and approximately 200 acres.  There are a couple of locations for water features on the campus.  There is also a lot of nicely maintained green area on the campus with many trees and gardens.

The main location is the Town Square, which is about in the middle of the campus.  It starts up top in the town square area in the seating and picnic area.  In that area, there is a pool within a pool.  The inside pool is a sunken area with a waterspout in the middle of it.  The upper pool flows west under the sidewalk to the middle of the five main waterfalls.  As there isn’t enough water flowing out that pool to feed all of the waterfalls, there is obviously a lot of hidden water flowing through the entire feature.  There is a smaller waterfall at each end of the five main falls.  For the one on the south end, up top just to the south is an open pool that flows down to that fall which flows down onto a long stone base and then down into the pool.  Under the north three main falls are more falls with differing rock formations creating different effects.  There is an open archway at the north end of the pool and water flows into there.

To the north of the Town Square is a big outdoor amphitheatre.  At the top of the amphitheatre is a seating area under a pergola.  In the back of this area are tall dark coloured walls that look like they would have water coming out at the top and down to the basins below each wall.  However, these were not running and they were completely dry when I visited.

I also included a picture of the clock tower.

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