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Spirit of Freedom Fountain

Spirit of Freedom 001

Location:  Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard and Cleveland Avenue, Kansas City, MO

Found:  September 21, 2013 (original), May 12, 2016 (update)

This fountain is located in a park on Brush Creek at the intersection of the roads indicated above.  It is across the creek from the Hillside Fountain, which you can see in the background of the above picture.  The sculpture on top of the fountain weighs about 5,000 pounds and can be see from the path on the opposite side of the creek, as seen in the last picture below.   The water comes out from underneath the sculpture and cascades down the sides of pyramid-shaped base.  There are a total of six jets in the surrounding pools.

The park has no dedicated parking so you will have to park at the Bruce R. Watkins Heritage Center to the south and or the recreation center across Cleveland Avenue to the east and walk over to the fountain.

I took a new set of pictures although I kept the old picture from across the creek that’s mentioned above and was taken on the original date.  When I first visited this fountain there was a group of geese there and they made getting around the fountain a little difficult so I wanted to get new and better pictures.  You can see the difference in cameras used by comparing the last picture and the other pictures.

Spirit of Freedom 002 Spirit of Freedom 003 Spirit of Freedom 004 Spirit of Freedom 005 Spirit of Freedom 006 Spirit of Freedom 007 Spirit of Freedom 008 Spirit of Freedom 009 Spirit of Freedom 010 Spirit of Freedom 011 Spirit of Freedom 012 Spirit of Freedom 013 Spirit of Freedom 014