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Southcreek Business Park Fountains

Southcreek 009

Location:  Southcreek Business Park, 7400-7450 W 130th Street, Overland Park, KS

Found:  April 19, 2016

The Southcreek Business Park is in Overland Park.  The address is for the two buildings that surround the fountains and front the pond.  The exact location in the park can be found at W 130th Street and Foster Street, west of Metcalf.

There are two identical fountains along a path between the two buildings.  Each fountain has three pillars or towers (whatever you want to call them) of different heights made out of what looks to be granite and are reddish-brown in colour.  Water comes out of the top of each pillar as well as through a ring around the edge of the basin and a jet in the very middle.  The fountain nearest the pond, in the front of the picture above, had better water pressure than the other one nearest the parking lot as the water was more steady and jetting up higher from the pillars.

The path goes down to the pond.  There are two pond fountains going out there.  I took a picture of each.  Also, near the fountain by the pond is a wood carving of a large bird, a heron perhaps, with a turtle and two frogs at its feet.  It looks like it was carved out of an old tree.

As I finished up my photo taking, I noticed the fountains being reflected in the glass of the building on the north side and was intrigued, so I took photos of the reflections.

Southcreek 001 Southcreek 002 Southcreek 003 Southcreek 004 Southcreek 005 Southcreek 006 Southcreek 007 Southcreek 008 Southcreek 010 Southcreek 011 Southcreek 012 Southcreek 013 Southcreek 014 Southcreek 015 Southcreek 016 Southcreek 017