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Shirley Bush Helzberg Garden of the Stars

Helzberg 001

Location:  Starlight Theatre, Swope Park, Kansas City, MO

Found:  October 11, 2013

Inside the east entrance of the Starlight Theatre is the Shirley Bush Helzberg Garden of the Stars.  Columns!  Waterfalls!  Fountains!  What’s not to like?  The entire fountain is 180 feet in length and stretches back towards the theatre itself.  Shirley Bush Helzberg is a former president of the Starlight Theatre Association and her and her husband, owners of Helzberg Diamonds, donated $1 million to the creation of the site.

The Martha & Jack Steadman Fountain is on the opposite of the theatre.

A special thanks to Karen VanAsdale, with Starlight Theatre, who took time out of her day, a concert day even, to greet me at the gate and escort me around the theatre to take pictures of both of the fountains inside Starlight Theatre and she made sure both fountains were running as well!  It was very much appreciated.

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