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Seville Light Fountain – Renovated

SevilleRen 001

Location:  Country Club Plaza, JC Nichols Parkway and West 47th Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  April 26, 2015

My original post on this fountain can be found here.  Some information about the renovations can be found here.

The Seville Light Fountain sat on the east end of Country Club Plaza and across the street from the JC Nichols Memorial Fountain, but sat there not working.  Its plumbing and electrical systems did not work.  The sidewalk around the fountain needed to be repaired.  Over the winter, when the Nichols fountain was surrounded by a fence and tarps, the Seville Light Fountain got its own covering as it underwent repairs.

Now, the Seville Fountain not only looks great, it works!  Water comes out of the faces on each side of the fountain now!  It has been years since this fountain was operable.  You may have never seen it work.  Go see it!

SevilleRen 000a SevilleRen 000b SevilleRen 002 SevilleRen 003 SevilleRen 004 SevilleRen 005 SevilleRen 006 SevilleRen 007 SevilleRen 008