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Rockhurst Fountain

Rockhurst 002

Location:  Rockhurst University, Kansas City, MO

Found:  May 14, 2016

When you enter Rockhurst University by the 54th Street entrance, you will immediately see the bell tower ahead of you (although it is kind of behind a new building that was completed last year now).  Next to the bell tower is a big pergola.  Underneath the pergola is outdoor seating for students to relax and across from the pergola is the fountain.  The fountain was dedicated in 2000 in honor of Mr. and Mrs. McRae Geschwind.

The fountain resembles a play fountain in that the fountains are in the ground and one could walk through or stand under the fountains.  The fountains shoot up to different heights and the ones in the back corners are double fountains.  There is no sign forbidding entry into the fountain so if one doesn’t mind getting wet, I assume one could walk into it.  However, there is a sign asking people not to drink the water, so there’s got to be a story behind that somewhere.

This is an updated post.  I just never really liked the pictures I had before and finally made it back out to get new pictures.  I also took pictures of the dedicatory plaque, which I apparently missed the first time, and the inscription on the side of the bell tower.  The “Please do not drink the water” sign was not there on my last trip and I could not resist snapping it.

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