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Richard Bolling Federal Building Fountain

Fed Building 001

Location:  Richard Bolling Federal Building, 601 East 12th Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  May 21, 2015

Tucked away in the back of the park in front of the Richard Bolling Federal Building is this fountain.  You hear the fountain before you see it, unless you already know where it is.  Jets are arranged in a semi-circle at the front of the fountain and shoots water to the back of the fountain and the water them flows off the ledge in the back to the pool below.

The Bolling Building is located southeast across the street from the City Hall Building of Kansas City, Missouri and east of the Jackson County Circuit Courthouse.  If you go hunting for this one, remember you are downtown and parking can be a bit of challenge, especially if you go on a weekday.

Not sure why the water was blue. Perhaps the people in charge of building and grounds at the Bolling Building are big Royals fans.

Fed Building 005 Fed Building 004 Fed Building 003 Fed Building 002