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Pratt Memorial Fountain – Renovated

Pratt New 002

Location:  Dagg Park, Armour Road and Howell Street, North Kansas City

Found:  June 6, 2016

In the south part of Dagg Park fronting Armour Street sits this fountain.  It is a memorial to both Emma and Dorothy Pratt, both of whom were important community leaders in North Kansas City, MO.  Dagg Park is across the street from the North Kansas City city building and police department.

As you can see by comparing to my old Pratt Memorial Fountain post, Dagg Park has undergone a major renovation.  The park’s grand re-opening was on May 28, 2016.  There used to be a small swimming pool in the park.  It has been replaced with a playground and a couple of splash pad areas.  The new splash pads have been quite popular so far.  The park was packed both times I’ve visited since the grand re-opening.

The fountain area has also undergone a major facelift.  The trees and landscaping are gone.  In its place is a concrete walkway around the fountain, benches for sitting and a pergola.  The fountain has been cleaned up and repainted.  A grate has been installed in the fountain basin.  I was told this was put in place to keep people from falling in.  Apparently, this was either a problem or a concern that needed to be addressed.  In my opinion, the grate does not look good.  Either way, it is nice to see a fountain get renovated and taken care of when it needs to be.

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