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Poindexter Fountain

Poindexter 001

Location:  Poindexter Parking Garage, W 9th Street and Central Avenue, Kansas City, MO

Found:  April 24, 2016

On the south side of the Poindexter Parking Garage, facing down Central Avenue is this fountain.  The fountain has a couple of levels with the water coming in at the top and working its way down through steel troughs and spouts to a rock lined trough.

There are a couple of representation of animals, one of a bear and the other of a bull.  These came from the facade of a another building in downtown Kansas City that has since been demolished.

The large scultpure on wall above and behind the fountain is called “Rodin Rodannadanna” and is by Donald Lipski.  It is a repeated representation of Rodin’s “The Thinker” and gets lit up at night.

Be aware, DST, the company that owns this property and other properties through downtown, is not too keen about their property being photographed without permission.  A security guard asked me to stop taking pictures.

This was my second time photographing this fountain.  The first time I was here, there was a car parked in front of the fountain and so I was unable to get straight-on photographs.  I was originally going to take a whole set of new pictures for this new post.  However, due to being stopped, I have taken the new pictures I was able to take today and combined them with my old pictures, hence the different dates in the watermarks.  The old pictures are primarily the pictures of the back of the fountain now.

Poindexter 002 Poindexter 003 Poindexter 004 Poindexter 005 Poindexter 006 Poindexter 007 Poindexter 008 Poindexter 009 Poindexter 010 Poindexter 011