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Penn Tower Atrium Fountains

Penn Tower Atrium Fountains 001

Location:  Penn Tower, 3100 Broadway, Kansas City, MO

Found:  August 16, 2013

Penn Tower can be found at the intersection of West 31st Street and Broadway and is across the street from the Firefighters Fountain.  Found inside Penn Tower on the first floor.  Penn Tower is an office building and a number of the offices look out onto the atrium inside.  Each fountain is located in a corner of the atrium.   The close-up photo above is of the East fountain.  The photo below is of the West fountain and was taken from the 2nd floor walkway above.

If you want to see these fountains, you will need to go on a weekday.  I tried to see them a couple of weekends ago and was informed by the guy at the security desk by the entrance that the fountains are turned off on the weekends.

Penn Tower Atrium Fountains 002