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Park Place Fountain

Park Place 001

Location:  Park Place, 11551 Ash Street, Leawood, KS

Found:  June 21, 2014

This fountain is in the middle of Park Place in Leawood.  It is an area of shops, restaurants, office space and, eventually, residential spaces, which are currently under construction.  It is in front of Barkley Square, which during the winter the turf is removed and it becomes an ice rink.

One of the more unique fountains I have seen as it consists of tall metal planters.  Some of the planters are actually planters as there is a number of plants within and around the fountain.  The remaining planters have fountains with different kinds of nozzles on them to create different water effects from planter to planter.

It was a hot, muggy first day of summer when I shot the pictures.  There were a couple of kids playing in the fountain to keep cool.

Park Place 002 Park Place 003 Park Place 004 Park Place 005 Park Place 006