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One Nineteen Fountains

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Location:  One Nineteen Shopping Center, W 119th Street and Roe Avenue, Leawood, KS

Found:  April 22, 2016

The One Nineteen Shopping Center is catty-corner to the southeast from the Leawood Town Center Plaza.  There are actually three fountains here.  There is a horseshoe-shaped fountain towards the east end in front of the Drunken Fish restaurant then there are two fountains, identical but mirror images of each other, located more in the middle of the shopping center near the Apple Store.

The horseshoe-shaped fountain has nine jets in it and they look like they are meant to all shoot water up to the same height, although one or two were clearly not getting the full height.  The Drunken Fish has outdoor seating in front of the restaurant near this fountain and I was not able to get a straight-on shot from “inside” the horseshoe.

The double fountain has three jets in each pool.

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