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Newport Apartment Fountain

Newport 001

Location:  Newport Apartment, 3536 Baltimore Avenue, Kansas City, MO

Found:  April 13, 2016

This fountain’s origins have kind of been lost to time.  It used to be located in the rose garden at the old St. Joseph Hospital (I believe that was located at Linwood & Prospect).  It was relocated to the Newport Apartment building around 1980.  Due to its similarity to the Intercity Horse Trough Fountain, it is assumed that it was originally built as a horse trough fountain but when and where are unknown.

At the Newport Apartment, it has been used as a planter.  In the photos, you can see that it is full of soil.  The little statue on top of the fountain was added after it was moved to its current location.  The water elements are no longer intact.

Newport 002 Newport 003 Newport 004 Newport 005 Newport 006