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Montebella Waterfall

Montebella 001

Location:  Montebella, 4587 NW Northwood Road, Riverside, MO

Found:  October 19, 2014

This waterfall is part of the upscale Montebella community and is located north across the street from the entrance to Park Hill South High School on NW Northwood Road.  As you can see from the pictures, this thing is massive.  The Montebella designers really like their cut stone as they have a large structure and landscaping built out of them at the corner of NW Northwood and Highway 9 to the south.  There have been some trees planted between the waterfall and the road and there is a lonely little bench in front of the waterfall as well.

Another nod to my fellow fountain hunter Alexis as she found this waterfall, although it was dry at the time, about a month or so ago.  This was the second time I had visited the site and the first time I saw it running.

Montebella 002 Montebella 003 Montebella 004 Montebella 005 Montebella 006 Montebella 007 Montebella 008