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Mill Creek Park Eco-Pond

Mill Creek 014

Location:  Mill Creek Park, JC Nichols Parkway and W 47th Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  May 5, 2016

AKA Mill Creek Park Sanctuary

In Mill Creek Park, a decent hike north of the JC Nichols Memorial Fountain, is the Mill Creek Park Eco-Pond.  It’s across the street from St. Luke’s Hospital.  There is a variety of plants and trees in the area and there are goldfish swimming in the pond.  Why is this on a fountain blog?  There are two small waterfalls in the back of the pond.  There is an overlook east of and above the pond off the main walking path in the park.

There is a big information board in front of the pond with a big graphic that points out the different types of plants and their purpose in the eco-pond.  I had taken pictures of it but apparently I didn’t push the button completely on one and didn’t get it and the other two didn’t turn out very well.  When I get back out there, I will take new pictures and update this post with them.

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