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Mary A. Fraser Memorial Fountain

Fraser 001

Location:  Kansas City Zoo, Swope Park, Kansas City, Missouri

Found:  July 4, 2014

Located in the Kansas City Zoo on the Beaks and Feet path, not too far from the flamingos near the beginning of the African section of the zoo is this working drinking fountain.  It was originally located near the sea lion pool but was conserved, replumbed and relocated to its current location in 2000.

It was donated by Edith A. Norton in memory of her mother, Mary A. Fraser.  There is a plaque on both ends stating the gift and the memorial.  It is an art deco style structure with a sculpture of a young woman in the middle.  There is a working drinking fountain on each side of the sculpture.  There are two small fountains at the beginning of the path to the fountain.

The zoo does charge admission.  Check the zoo’s website for further information should you decide to go looking for this fountain.

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