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Levi Fountain

Levi Fountain 007

Location:  Corbin Park, 6917 W 135th Street, Overland Park, KS

Found:  May 10, 2016

Located in Corbin Park  on the northeast side of the traffic circle near Scheel’s Sporting Goods.  It’s kind of a miniaturized version of middle part of the Corner Fountain with the water bubbling up into a pool at the top of the wall and either going straight out the front waterfall or going down a short channel on either side to the smaller waterfalls.

Unlike any of the other fountains in Corbin Park, this one apparently has a name.  At least, that is what the plaque affixed on the fountain says.  The numbers look like a date but I don’t know what exact date it represents.  I have to assume that is when the fountain was finished and/or dedicated and put into operation.

Levi Fountain 000 Levi Fountain 001 Levi Fountain 002 Levi Fountain 003 Levi Fountain 004 Levi Fountain 005 Levi Fountain 006