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Kauffman Stadium Water Spectacular

Royals 010

Location:  Kauffman Stadium, One Royal Way, Kansas City, MO

Found:  July 29, 2014

The home of the Kansas City Royals is probably most famous for its fountains (and certainly not the baseball team in recent years).  The Water Spectacular is the largest privately funded fountain in the world at 322 feet wide.  The fountains have various effects and sprays and run before the game and then between the half innings during the game.  As night falls, the lights in the pools are turned on tinting the fountains various colours.

Before the 2009 remodel of the stadium, the fountains were only located behind right field and there was no way for fans to walk near them.  After the remodeling, the fountains and pools made their way behind left field as well.   The remodeling also created the outfield experience where a concourse, a hall of fame, a children’s play area and concession areas were added behind the outfield and allowed fans to get a close-up view of the fountains from behind and the sides.  Fans can now even sit amongst the fountains.

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