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J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain

JC Nichols 001

Location:  Mill Creek Park,  Country Club Plaza, West 47th Street and JC Nichols Parkway, Kansas City

Found:  June 29, 2013

One of Kansas City’s most well-known fountains and generally featured in anything concerning the sights or landmarks of Kansas City.  When the Chiefs are playing a home game, it is almost guaranteed that at least once during the game when they break to or return from commercial, a shot of this fountain will be shown.  Located at the South end of Mill Creek Park.

JC Nichols 000 JC Nichols 002 JC Nichols 003 JC Nichols 004 JC Nichols 005 JC Nichols 006 JC Nichols 007 JC Nichols 008 JC Nichols 009 JC Nichols 010

On July 27, 2013, I happened to be driving by the fountain and noticed that the water in the fountain was blue!

JC Nichols Blue 001

On October 12, 2013, the fountain was dyed pink for breast cancer awareness.

JC Nichols Pink 001 JC Nichols Pink 002

September 2, 2013 – Removed all original pictures.  Added new pictures.

October 17, 2013 – Edited location and text.