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Ilus W. Davis Civic Mall Fountain

Ilus Davis 002

Location:  Ilus W. Davis Park, East 11th Street and Oak Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  April 26, 2014

Ilus W. Davis Park, named after a former mayor of Kansas City, is located in downtown Kansas City and is bordered by East 9th and 11th Streets on the north and south, Oak and Locust Streets on the west and east and East 10th Street bisects the park.  The Civic Mall Fountain and Reflecting Pool are located in the south half of the park.  The fountains are small so that the wind doesn’t affect them too much.  Water runs down the waterfall from the fountains to the sunken reflecting pool.  In one of the pictures, you can see a bird taking advantage of the pool.  At the southwest corner of the park is a statue of Ilus W. Davis.

Kansas City City Hall is across the street to the south.  The Charles Evans Whittaker United States Courthouse is the cresecent-shaped building across the street to the north.

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