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Hillside Fountain

Hillside Fountain 003

Location:  Cleveland Avenue and Blue Parkway, behind the Bruce R. Watkins Heritage Center, Kansas City, MO

Found:  September 21, 2013

AKA Bruce R. Watkins Hillside Waterfall.

This large waterfall fountain is on Brush Creek where it runs behind the Bruce R. Watkins Heritage Center.  The picture above and the first one below were both taken from the opposite side of Brush Creek.  The Brush Creek trails run right by the waterfall and the last two pictures were taken at the base at the path.  It is across Brush Creek from the Spirit of Freedom Fountain, the sculpture of which is easily visible from the base of the waterfall.

In order to get to the trail, you will have to cross Cleveland Avenue to the east and follow path down to the creek and walk under the Cleveland Avenue bridge to reach the waterfall.  There is someone living under the bridge up near the abutment so don’t be surprised if you hear someone under there.

Hillside Fountain 001 Hillside Fountain 002 Hillside Fountain 004