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Henry Wollman Bloch Memorial Fountain

Bloch 002

Location:  Union Station, 30 West Pershing, Kansas City, MO

Found:  July 14, 2013

Located in the traffic circle in front of Union Station, Crown Center is to the East and the Liberty Memorial is to the South.  The fountain puts on a show at every half-hour and hour and a smaller show at the quarter hours.  You can see the Liberty Memorial in the background of one of the pictures below.  One of my personal favorites.  I spent probably close to a half hour just watching it go and taking pictures.

Bloch 001 Bloch 003 Bloch 004 Bloch 005 Bloch 006 Bloch 007 Bloch 008 Bloch 009

September 7, 2013 – Removed old pictures.  Added new pictures.