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Harvester KC

Harvester 001

Location:  UMB Bank, 1010 Grand Boulevard, Kansas City, MO

Found:  September 11, 2014

This fountain is based around the sculpture “Harvester KC” by Nancy Graves, which depicts typical midwestern items.  It is located in the open-air courtyard of the UMB Bank Building in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.  It is accessible by the open-air entrance to the courtyard at the corner of 11th Street & Walnut Street (The building’s actual address is 1010 Grand Boulevard).  The sculpture and fountain are in a straight-line view once you enter the walkway to the courtyard.  There are 14 small water jets in the pavement in front of the sculpture and the water drains back down through the the pavement squares.

Harvester 002 Harvester 003 Harvester 004 Harvester 005 Harvester 006 Harvester 007