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Commerce Tower Fountain

Sunken Garden 005

Location:  Commerce Tower, 911 Main Street, Kansas City, MO

Found:  April 20, 2014

AKA Commerce Tower Sunken Garden Fountain, AKA Fountain of Good Life

This fountain is in a sunken garden on the south side of the Commerce Tower on Main Street in downtown Kansas City.  There is a staircase leading from the sidewalk on Main Street down into the garden.  Disabled people presumably would have to go into Commerce Tower itself and take an elevator down to the garden and use the tower entrance on the north side of the garden.  There is a deli off the garden to give the weekday downtown workers an option for lunch, which can be seen in most of the pictures.  You can see the staircase leading back up to street level in a couple as well.

The sculpture in the middle of the fountain is in the shape of a lotus blossom and is made out of bronze.  Water shoots up out of the middle and is broken up by the lotus petals.  There are a few benches around the garden for fountain watching or just to rest.  I took the pictures in April so the plants, flowers and trees around the fountain were not in full bloom yet.

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